Unto the nobles of the Barony of Ben Dunfirth, and all visitors and guests, warm greetings from Jocea and Brand, your Baroness and Baron!

Our barony is at the heart of the Kingdom of Ealdormere, and we welcome you – we are a fierce, pragmatic people, and while in the past twenty-one years our barony seen many changing faces, we are proud of our heritage and how we as a group collectively overcome adversity and challenges, and contribute with our arts and service to the kingdom at large.

We would like to encourage your participation, and we are your hosts within our boundaries. If you would like to attend local business meetings or fight and fencing practices, we meet Mondays. On occasion, we have scribal nights on Fridays, and archery practices on Sundays. We host the events Murder Melee in the Meadow and Huntsman’s Harvest, and occasionally a kingdom event every year or two. If you would like to get involved in the Society, and you have questions, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll give a helping hand.

Thank you for joining us!

Jocea & Brand
Domine et Dominus Arx