Raluk Moorclaw

IKRPGGday80Every once in a while there comes a model that makes you go “Hrm?”. One such model for me was the Gobber Tinker. Yes, his repair ability means that Hordes players can finally repair their Battle Engines, but it still felt like there was a piece of the puzzle missing. That all changed when we started hearing rumors concerning Mr Raluk Moorclaw, the Ironmonger.

He’s totally out to mong all your iron. All your iron, is monged by him. In other words, Trollblood, Blindwater and Thornfall armies can now field Mercenary warjacks, marshalled by Raluk. Aw yeah.



Raluk comes in four mighty components, each mightier than the last but only in ways undiscernable to the naked eye. For example, the axe? Smells like rainbows. Your naked eye can’t pick that up. If yours doesn’t smell like a rainbow, you should ask yourself how many rainbows  you’ve sniffed lately, cos that’s totally rainbow smell.


The main piece is Raluk’s torso, and right arm. You can see on his left hip he keeps a selection of tools to keep warjacks (and battle engines) running at peak efficiency.On his right hip, ammunition for his slug gun, because aat RAT6 he can deliver a POW14 shot to the face without making a complete fool of himself.raluk04

From the rear we can see that his pants are adequately stitched up the middle – possibly after a breach in his breeches after a bean-eating contest, I’m sure – and right there in the middle of his back is a nice little socket for the peg on the other side of the warjack forearm that he carries around.


I guess someone forewarned him. Get it? Because forewarned is forearmed? And he’s carrying a forearm? Anyone? No? Pfft. My brilliance is wasted on you people. I’m calling my agent.


And there’s his handsome mug, nestled ‘twixt the fluffy bits on his collar, while his axe-wielding left arm is held in place by my chubby fingers. Yup, I’m afraid I don’t have a painted Raluk to show you yet either, because Templecon. In other words, somewhere amidst the pile of Allegiants I’ll be handing out to random Templecon attendees, there’s a Raluk, just to throw people off…

Raluk Moorclaw releases this week from Privateer Press and can be added to Trollblood, Blindwater, Thornfall, Cryx, Cygnar and Khador armies. Clearly, the Protectorate has higher standards. Sniff. Ask your local FLGS employee for yours, because he looks nifty.