Templecon 2014 Charity Fundraiser

IKRPGGday80Every year at Templecon we, the Losties, hit up the gamer community for contributions to charity. This year we broke our usual format and also asked for contributions to the prize table, and dang if it wasn’t a roaring success, raising over $4245 for the Dana Farber Institute, benefiting colon cancer research. This is a cause near and dear to a number of us, so it was both humbling and awesome that the fundraiser was such as success. This year we tag-teamed with the New England Privateers to make it all happen, so tip o’ the ole’ hat to them too.

Thanks to Lost pal Kyle “RedPhantasm” Hagan, we have pics of the winners! If you’re a winner and your pic came out flattering, you own him a beer. If not, sock him one in the arm. 😛 Note that a couple of people did scarper before we could get pics with them, and a couple of the prizes were late additions and so unfortunately I don’t have a card identifying the painter/donor and/or winner.

The prize table as it looked shortly before the mob descended

It seems our little fundraiser caught the attention of the gaming populace

“Pfft. You just *know* I’ma win sumtin’…” – Smug Faultie

Snakeman: “So I wave my hand like this?”
Gdaybloke: “Faster, like this. You’ll never master Wavy Hand technique if you don’t kick it up a notch.

The handed me a microphone, those mad fools!

Will Schick’s wavy hand technique shames all the amateurs.

Our first winner ponders the entire field of prizes before deciding.

Sameer Patel won the Ghordson Earthbreaker painted by Chris Oelhafen and donated by Faultie

Shane York won the Thagrosh1 New Blood theme force donated by Privateer Press

Bryan Connor won the Raluk Moorclaw & Rover painted by Kyle Stratford
Pictured: Dan Schwenke, who doubles as Proxy Bryan Connor. Note, Dan Schwenke is not legal in tournament play unless approved by the tournament organizer.

Guillaume Juneau won the NIB Mercenaries lot donated by Lost Hemisphere

Andrew Bailey won the Alexia Ciannor & the Risen painted by Yaum la Machine

At the 11th hour, Temple Games – the awesome goons responsible for putting Templecon as a whole together – donated two Army Painter mega sets; Andy Kaiser grabbed the first.

Robert Wotring won the Fully loaded Kaiser2 bag donated by KR Multicase

Mike Murphy won the Cryx Warcasters group painted by Tavis Kelly

Dean Teneicken won the Card Case donated by KR Multicase

Rob Cogliandro won the Gerlak & Bloodgorgers group painted by Tavis Kelly

Maggie, whose Circle continues to rock the worlds of her opponents, nabbed the second Army Painter lot donated by Temple Games. Maggie, if I’ve got your name wrong, please feel free to correct me. Alternatively, I’ll be happy to refer to you as Reginald.

Kevin Wojciechowski won  the NIB Mountain King and Champions donated by Not_That_One and Lost Hemisphere

Toby Zimmermann won the Extreme Ravagore donated by ElvenAndy

Jamie Bell won the Pistol Wraith painted by Johnny Foodmaster

Matthew Fay won the Wrong Eye & Snapjaw painted by Chris Chapman

Chadi Faraj won the terrain centerpiece painted and donated by Tectonic Craft Studios

Matt Jandreau won the Alexia2 painted by Tim Grant

Kyle Hagan won the Butcher painted by Johnny Foodmaster

Dean Teneicken won the Legion Nephilim group painted by Tavis Kelly

Van Butler won the Juggernaut & Destroyer painted by Kev Bryant

Charles Anselo won the Mule painted by Tavis Kelly

Eric Joseph won the War Hog & Road Hog donated by Faultie

Chris Orr won the Junior Warcaster painted by JohnnyFoodmaster

Matt Jandreau won the Earthborn Dire Troll painted by JohnnyFoodmaster

Craig Caton won the Mekanika Super Set of resin bases donated by Dragon Forge Designs

James Giamatti won the Legion battlegroup painted by Tavis Kelly

Eric Ziegler won the jumbo set of tokens and templates donated by Advanced Deployment

Greg Field won the Juggernaut & Berserker painted by Pat Gordon/Artisan’s Edge

Kevin Wojciechowski won  the Night Troll painted by Dan Mirandi

Tobias Zimmermann won the Gobber Tinker painted by Tadgo

Jacob Meyersburg and Jason Mclean each won a Half case donated by KR Multicase

Matt Clark won the Rhupert Carvolo painted by Craig Caton

Michael Long won the Repenter painted by Pat Gordon/Artisan’s Edge

Shane Houp won IKRPG Urban Adventures donated by Faultie

This magnificent beard and its attached human, Sean McGeehan, laid claim to the Black 13th, donated by Not_That_One

Andy Kaiser, Emanuel Class and Les Smartnick won Samurai Brush Stands donated by Games & Gears. Yes, there’s two photos and only three names. No, I have no idea where Emanuel’s photo is. Yes, my smoothie is very tasty this morning.

Shane Houp won three seats at the Bladerunner Cyberpunk 2020 RPG session donated by Mike Pondsmith (we didn’t have any shiny certificates to represent the seats…)

Sol Lapell won three seats at the Bladerunner Cyberpunk 2020 RPG session donated by Mike Pondsmith (we didn’t have any shiny certificates to represent the seats…)

This beautifulVanguard painted by Brett Painter of Geek Garage HAD an index card, but I can’t find it for the life of me. You can see how smug our winner looks, knowing that (a) he scored an awesome Vanguard, (b) I’m going to stress out about that missing card.

[UPDATE] By the power of Facebook we know this rapscallion to be Chris Weinstein! Huzzah!

Not pictured because they ran away cackling before Kyle could get their photo:

  • Dan Welch won the Alexia2 painted by Nathan Pullen / Steam Powered Painting.
  • Matt Brier won the Stormblade Captain painted by Allen Emlet

So after the dust settled

Thanks were given, the moneys underwent a preliminary count, and there was much back-slapping and a few moist eyes as we realized just how much we’d raised and what it meant to those of us who’ve lost loved ones.

Of course, there was also a mystery, because it wouldn’t be Templecon without one.

Tickets were sold at $2 each, $5 for 3, or $20 for 20. The best value there is the one, where you get your tickets for one dollar apiece. One whole dollar. With zeroes at the end.

This picture is the deposit slip. Notice anything odd?



Where the heck did the eighty cents come from??

And then the funds were transferred, every penny, to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund. Warm fuzzies all ’round, people. Thanks to the contributions of every donor and everyone who purchased a ticket,we achieved something awesome.

I am humbled by the generosity of everyone involved.

I am honoured to have played a role in putting this together along with the New England Privateers.

I am proud to be a part of this community.

Thank you.




4 Responses to Templecon 2014 Charity Fundraiser

  1. Awesome! Glad to have been a part, painting and winning. I’ll have to roll those paints from this year into painting something as equally (or more!) ridiculous at the Extreme Ravagore again next year… Chris Oelhafen and Faultie set the bar pretty freakin’ high with that insane Earthbraker.

  2. A fantastic event with unbelievably awesome painted models, prizes, and shwag! It was fun to be there and donate what little I could! Hit me up next year if you need to fill any table space with painted dudemens! 😉 ~pszito

  3. I hope Matt Brier likes the Stormblade Captain I painted.

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