Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Shamblers

One of the reasons I started playing Warmachine/Hordes rather than getting back into GW games after I’d sold everything I had off to finance my immigration to Canada, was the fact that Warmachine units capped out at 10 models, 12 if there was a UA, and there were 4-5 different poses mixed into the unit. I didn’t have to paint as many models, and there was plenty of variety therein, and lo, it was good… until Privateer decided that undead fishmen were a thing, and there needed to be twenty of them in the box. Twenty zombie goldfish. Oh, and an alligator, because that’s how we roll. Thing is… I’m not mad at all, these things are amazing.

Let me start by noting that I hadn’t at this stage moved anything. At all. This is how they came. All twenty zombie bog trogs in the main compartment, bases filling the secondary, and the bokor and his (her?) components filling the two tertiaries. Whoever packed this box, I salute you for your job well done.

As mentioned, you’ll find twenty Swamp Shamblers – the aforementioned zombie fishmen – in the box, in three single-piece poses that loosely equate to positions from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. If you don’t have Vincent Price’s voice in your head when you’re painting these, you’re doing it wrong.

Three poses to rule them all, three poses to greet them. Three poses with rotting limbs, and all your brains, to eat them.

Lost Painter Nick tackled the painting chores ont he Swamp Shamblers, and continued his Cold Blooded theme – his Blindwater Congregation are based in colder climes, and aptly camouflaged for icy waters. One dude’s yellow, because jaundice. I’m pretty sure that’s it. That’s also why he’s slightly out of focus. Jaundice is an issue all fishmen photographers have to deal with.

Now, the Bokur a six piece model, and largely self explanatory when it comes to assembly. The only component that took me a second was the necklace of skulls that it’s holding in its left hand.

The head nestles directly onto the torso quite neatly and without hampering painting access to other portions of the torso.

Similarly, the other four components won’t get in each  other’s way – you can freely assemble the model in its entirety before painting, if you’re so inclined.

Lost Painter Nick’s blue reptiles look awesome on the tabletop, regardless of the incongruity of alligators and snowfields. Maybe they just mainline coffee, who am I to judge?

The Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers is a March release for Hordes from Privateer Press. Sneak up on your FLGS and strike from the shallows to get yourself some zombie fishmen!

2 Responses to Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Shamblers

  1. Dagnabbit. I got a pack on order, and i’m going to have to paint them as goldfish now, rather than the “ill-salmon” colours of my live ones…

  2. Those look great, they match the great looking Maelok Nick painted. I still haven’t grabbed mine yet since I have been spending money on other games that HK doesn’t carry.