Plarzoid’s Dungeon Base How-To’s

Lost Pal Plarzoid’s hitting it out of the park lately with his bloggery. I’m honoured to call him buddy and frankly, if you’re not engaging in ‘Zoid-based shenaniganry on a semi-regular basis, you’re doing yourself a disservice and somewhere in a distant rainforest a baby macaque is eaten by a rampaging Grue. How could you do that to the baby macaques? Won’t somebody please think of the monkey children??!?!?!?!? You can find Plarzoid’s natterings over at

For Velmarius, I’m trying to appeal to the gamer crows as well as the show piece crowd, so I need a base that both looks good and is visually interesting, and that’s practical for use in a game. Thus, I’m going to use the 1-inch square base that the model came with, and I’m going to base it in a dungeon floor type theme.


To find out how Plarzoid made this niftiness, head over to this link – LINKY! – and get your zoid on.