Paint The Target: June results, July challenge

RAARGLE! IT’S THE FIRST PAINT THE TARGET RESULTS POST SINCE THE RELAUNCH! Is good times, good times. A modest number of entries, but of course, that’s to be expected. Mind you, we’re still going to send one of them a little prize…

June’s challenge was to paint a warjack or warbeast. A simple enough challenge appealing to the Warmachine and Hordes crowd. Let’s see what folks came up with!


From my own table, Imperatus was the first Myrmidon completed this month. Vyros’ new toy is all set to smash the round-ears at local events.


SimonB (who didn’t give me his online name) applied some vibrant tones to a Naga Nightlurker. The striking carapace work will stand out beautifully on the tabletop.


Drosswraith (which I assume is his online name since it’s the name on his email) got his Skorne on with Despoiler. The black background with the black lantern posts makes it look like they’re floating!


SoapOnRope (again, no alternate name provided) has dipped into the Kriels with a Dire Troll Mauler, which I almost typo’d as Dire Troll Mailer. I guess that’d be a big, angry envelope!


Target regular from the good old days, Fiendil’s jumped in and shared a War Hog painted as part of an extended Journeyman league. To his credit, he’s committed to playing Dr Arkadius!


When you’re a high-falutin’ Infernal, it’s only appropriate that you have a Moonhound to track rules queries by scent. That’s just how DarkLegacy rolls, baby.


To suggest that I’m proud of this entry would be to understate it. Lost pal Ninja Steve has only started painting in recent months, so to have him knock out his Dire Troll Bomber in time to include it in the mix, well, it warms the cockles of my hobbyist heart.


Erekose13 also felt the call of Ios, but ran with a striking camouflage pattern on his Imperatus.  Maybe it’ll help him dodge those darn Stormsmiths that kept disrupting him at the tournament I played in on Saturday…


From Lost pal KevBryant we have Gallant, who I’m pretty sure will spend all of his days goofing around with Steelheads. That’s just how Kev rolls, baby.


And from NotThatOne we have another healthy does of Kriel fury with ROK! Now there’s a troll who knows how to grow a real beard… though it does beg the question, why do Winter Trolls (and Rok) have actual hair on their chins when the rest of the Trollkin can only manage rocky stubble? Talk about gravel rash…


Who wins this month’s random participation prize? The dice have rolled, the wheel has spun, and a blind chicken pecked dried corn off of a specific dish. The winner is… EREKOSE13! Gratz, sir! Bounce me your mailing address and I’ll see if I can’t find something interesting to mail off to you.


There’s a lot of folks with a lot of new shinies, so we won’t to open the doors a little this week to other systems. We’re going with Highlander – There Can Be Only One. For July your submissions need to be character models, unique models, or models that you can otherwise only ever field one of, regardless of game system.

Get your entries in by Noon EST July 30th, send pics to . Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your PP Forum username so I can point fingers at you accordingly!

3 Responses to Paint The Target: June results, July challenge

  1. Avatar Chris sirois
    Chris sirois says:

    All good looking paint jobs, unfortunately didn’t even see that this was starting up again in time to paint something up (couldn’t of anyway with a broken wrist :p)

  2. Avatar Autojack
    Autojack says:

    Love the paint scheme, Ninja Steve.. But that’s all you get from me. 😉

    Well done everyone, they look great. 🙂

  3. Avatar Painting Dog
    Painting Dog says:

    Wow those are looking pretty sweet. I think I’ll jump in. Been wanting to paint up some Cygnar anyway.