FanExpo Canada Photodump1: Assorted Nifty

As if the recent posts from GenCon weren’t enough (and I’m still not done with the product reviews et al), this last weekend saw PAX, NOVA and DragonCon appeasing the inner geek in all of us. Oh, and in the magical far off land of Toronto, Canada, there was a little ole’ thing called Fan Expo. It just happens to be Canada’s biggest Comic/SciFi/Anime/Horror/Gaming convention, and I usually like to attend if I’m able.

This year was something special because for the first time I was taking the Gdaykids with me. What this means for YOU, dear Losties, is that Gdayboy and Gdaygirl show up in a lot of the pics in the photodumps. They’re my progeny and I wub them, and it was neat to watch them get their geek on. Oh, yes, I said photodumps, plural. Today you get general convention experience and neat things seen, tomorrow you get pics of cosplayers.


 The day started with making sure my convention satchel was appropriately adorned. Geek Flair. It’s a thing.

The Ontario Ghostbusters were but one of many groups drumming up members and… checking their cellphones apparently. They had a draw to win yourself a proton pack.

While the 501st were out in full force – and you’ll see more pics of them tomorrow – this was just the neatest thing ever. For a donation to the Make A Wish foundation you were handed a nerf gun filled with suction cup nerf bullets, and were instructed to open fire upon two hapless – and good-hearted – Stormtroopers.

The suction cups flew, many bouncing to the floor as the two Stormtroopers juked and shimmied trying not to get shredded by incoming fire…

 … and then the posed with the kids, not even bothering to remove the bullets that were sticking to them. A fun experience for the kids, I’m still smiling about it as I type.:)

Nerf guns didn’t quite sate Gdayboy’s hunger for Star Wars shootiness

Suddenly DALEKS!!! Who new there were actually organised groups of folks who build these things on a lark! Why, of course there are… the Doctor Who Society of Canada even ran a seminar on how to build them.


 Oh, Catherine Tate… even cardboard, you’re still my favourite of the recent companions.

Look, I told you, son, if you want to be worthy you need to clean your room!

Now, here’s a thing. Gdaygirl is a fan of My Little Pony. She loves to draw them, has a couple of sketchbooks full. Last year I even painted a custom pony using Impact Miniatures’ pony line of one of her own self-created characters. So, even though I’d rather have been in this line here, to get my Whovian geek on and meet Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill (Karen Gillan cancelled last minute)…


… I was here with the kids, waiting a significantly long time, to meet Tabitha St Germain, who does the voice acting for Gdaygirl’s favourite character, Rarity. These are the things a dad does for his geeklings.

Almost there… almost…

… and of course she blinked when I took the pic. Ms St Germain autographed the FanExpo exclusive Katie Cook cover of the MLP comic for us, and even kicked in the voice when Gdaygirl mentioned that her favourite thing about Rarity was her attitude.

“Anything you want is only a tantrum away.”

Dammit, there go all my years of careful parenting…

 K9 was driving around the floor, ending up underfoot.

And then we met Arthur Darvill anyway! I even snuck in a patented Gdaybloke-at-a-convention side-selfie! He was getting weary, but was a perfect gentlemen and a pleasure to chat with, albeit briefly.

And then he had a message for all you Losties out there…


Bam! Endorsement! Kinda… 😉


 Stylish wear for the lounging geek in all of us

Saw this one and kinda had to take a pic for Faultie. Love me some Pacific Rim.

ZOMG LEGO BOOTH!!!! There was a FanExpo exclusive kit. I spoke to a guy who motioned toward an empty display shelf. “We’ll have 200 on there at 2 O’Clock.” I looked at the line-up of people waiting for it. If the kids and I joined, we’d be somewhere in the 300’s. We didn’t get the exclusive kit.

Gdayboy made friends with a motorized lego Astromech who apparently features in the new Star Wars: Rebels animated series.


Also on display: EVERY STAR WARS MINIFIG EVER PRODUCED in a three sided cabinet.

And you thought you were creative when you put tiles up as a new backsplash…


Light-up Smaug was also quite a thing.

Not gonna lie, kinda wanted to climb up on there.

 I don’t think this stern fellow would have let me though.

 We got to add some panels to the lego walls. I’ll leave it to you to guess which one I made.

 Hey, look! It’s that droid again, and this time he’s not made of Lego!

… and then I saw a poster for Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, and plotzed a little.

One more Batman thing, to appease Will Hungerford.

For Hobby Kingdom store owner Rich Godwaldt, a little Aquaman swag… or swagger, I guess, if you’re into the… ahem… swimsuit up there…

Not gonna lie, I almost bought this thing. Star Lord AND Black Bolt? If it had Beta Ray Bill instead of Gladiator, I would have just handed them my credit card then and there.

 The Capitol Salutes the Gday District.

You have no idea how tempted I was to make an ATM run.

In the end, this rusty beauty didn’t come home with me, but we did bring home some swag from FanExpo, because that’s how we roll. I told the kids they could each pick something, so…

Gdayboy nabbed a Minecraft character set, and of course, Gdaygirl has her autographed MLP comic, with the characters all cosplaying.

At my very first comic convention in Toronto about seven years ago, I ran into a guy named Shane Heron. I even got him to do a Stilt-Man sketch for me. It seems now he’s working on an ongoing indy comic series, so I thought I’d try it out.

Added bonus, a new Beta Ray Bill sketch for my collection.  Shane’s interpretation added two fingers and removed the muzzle, but deep down I know it’s still my beloved Bill.

From the fine lads at Blind Ferret, volumes four and five of Looking For Group. Also purchased (not pictured), Lego Richard the Warlock. Totally a thing.

Groot print because my desk at work needs it.

And finally, I picked up one of the new Titans vinyl figures from the new series that debuted at FanExpo… and the two figures that were exclusive to FanExpo (Matt Smith – Big Bang and David Tennant – Runaway Bride) and the convention exclusive Matt Smith’s first appearance, still wearing Tennant’s suit. Oh, and the Unmasked Captain America, but that’s got nothing to do with Dr Who, so it doesn’t really count anyway, does it?

Tune in tomorrow for the Cosplay photodump!


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  1. K9! Some day i will have the fundage to build my own…