The Road to LHR ep100: HOW YOU CAN WIN STUFF

 Ladies and Gentlelost, it’s been a long time coming but we’re now on the final approach towards Lost Hemisphere Radio episode 100. If you’ve listened to LHR 99 then you’ll know that we have a bunch of stuff to give away, and we’d like you to have a shot at winning it! What do you need to do? Well, all we’re looking for us a little audience participation.

What’s in the prize pool?

  • Warmachine: Tactics download codes
  • Skull Island Expeditions books
  • All six Hordes: Exigence warlock models
  • IKRPG core rules
  • High Command: Faith & Fortune
  • Privateer Pins
  • Relic Knights starter boxes
  • Super Dungeon Explore Relic Knight models
  • Whatever else I can find to throw onto the heap!

How can you get into the draw?

  • Skype: Ping Gdaybloke (gdaybloke) or Northblade (jamie50bell). If you catch us live we’ll give you a little quiz! If you don’t, leave us a Skype voicemail that we can include in LHR100! Shout-outs are groovy, but keep it family friendly or we can’t include it!
  • Email: Drop us an email at our submissions addy with something we can read on air!
  • Blog: Leave a comment on this post or either of the LHR99 or LHR100 posts.
  • Facebook: Like, Follow, and leave a comment on this announcement, or either of the LHR99 or LHR100 posts.
  • Twitter: Follow, Retweet, and reply to either this or the LHR100 tweet

We’ll be splitting the prize pool into stuff to be given out for entries received before we record LHR100, and for those who comment and share after LHR100 has hit the interwebs.

Call us, comment, retweet, send us emails. We want to hear from you, and to celebrate our milestone by giving you stuff.

19 Responses to The Road to LHR ep100: HOW YOU CAN WIN STUFF

  1. This is such a cool thing! I love give aways!

  2. Avatar Chris suhre
    Chris suhre says:

    Congrats on a 100 episodes guys! That’s a huge achievement!

  3. Kudos on the run gentlemen. I’m always happy to call myself a friend to the Lost.

  4. That is one Jaw dropping list.

    Here is to the 2nd hundred!

  5. grats on you 100th podcast. you where the first podcast i listened to when started warmahordes

  6. I love this! Now for a shameless pitch: Please check out the Feat for the Soldiers facebook page to find out how to win a painted Cygnar army. Myles

    • Well done for making it to 100eps event with your pantless partner in crime holding you back.

      Now can I have the merc high command? X x

  7. Congrats on getting 100 podcasts done. Here’s to the next 100. (And, you’re still the only podcast I listen to.)

  8. Avatar Not_that_one
    Not_that_one says:

    So glad that I came across LHR, with so many “uber competitive” blogs out there, it’s great to have Messrs Miller and Bell to cheer along the rest of us! Keep it up guys 🙂

  9. Hej guys, greetings from sunny Sweden (ok, less sunny at the moment because it is 0030). Listened to 99 this evening, and I have to admit, I’ve also got a bit of an Eiryss crush…
    Anyway, keep up the fantastic work and congratulations on (very almost) reaching a 100 episodes!

  10. Congrats on 100 episodes! That is no easy feat in the podcast world. Hope you have another 100 awesome casts!

  11. Avatar Greg Fournier
    Greg Fournier says:

    Congratulations on 100 episodes!!!! This has been my favorite podcast. The topics and hosts are great! Thank you for all your time and effort, I know I, and the rest of the community, really appreciate all of your hard work!

  12. Avatar Kevin La Porte
    Kevin La Porte says:

    Hey guys! A relative newcomer, but just wanted to say that your podcast has been REALLY helpful in getting me started with Warmachine. Thanks a bunch, and congratulations on Big 100!

  13. Congrats on 100 episodes! I don’t often have time to listen to the podcasts, but I follow the blog posts pretty religiously!

  14. Congrats on 100! Happy to listen to Canadian warmachine/hordes content.

  15. Avatar ForsakenPoptart
    ForsakenPoptart says:

    Pshaw, call me when you hit 1,000 😉 You guys are the best, and I certainly consider you the go-to podcast for all things Warmachine and Hordes.

  16. 100 Episodes and 0 pants congrats

  17. Avatar lordbubonicus
    lordbubonicus says:

    I’m seriously impressed Gdaybloke – huge congratulations for managing to keep up the quality and frequency of Lost Hemisphere (both blog and Radio) for so, so long. I’ve been listening since the beginning, and the podcast has gone from strength to strength. It started off really good fun to listen to, and a nice change from the more tournament-focused podcasts. I’m pleased that you and Northblade have managed to keep that going, and have really built it up into something that’s very much your own style.

    As for the blog, what can I say. I remember the old blog, back when you were still doing occasional VS system posts. Clash of the Titans was a lot of fun, as was the Warcaster bracket event with reader picks to win points and prizes. I’ve seen contributors come and go, but the quality of the blog hasn’t dropped. I was sad when you took a break a while back, but understood completely. I was happy when I saw you were back blogging again, and with your inimitable style.

    Long live Lost Hemisphere. May you be blogging and podcasting for many years yet. The community is enriched by your efforts.

  18. I love cool stuff. I am in. And 100 episodes is incredible.