Cepahlyx Mind Slaver & Drudges

You know what we haven’t had enough of recently? Creepy things in rubber dresses with extra appendages tipped with hypodermic syringes, and their attendant tortured individuals, lobotomised and crowned with twisted versions of vintage diving helmets, and with their forelimbs replaced by a variety of crude implements that look like they were found in a demented handyman’s abandoned shack. Oh, and most of them should probably be shirtless too.

Well, I guess it’s our lucky day! It’s time to look at the other unit of drudge infantry!

Say what you will, they make for a striking presence when they pose en masse.

As with most Privateer plastic kits, the components come in plastic baggies, that… wait… Ziplocs?? Well, that’s just so much more convenient! Fistbumps to whomever was responsible for the upgrade in packaging!

The plastic drudge bodies are identical to the ones from the Mind Bender unit that we unboxed here, so with the handy dandy link we can avoid the hassle of taking more pics of the same components. However, the similarities end there.

Where the Mind Bender unit had all of its drudges outfitted with prosthetic fists and hands, the Mind Slaver unit instead arms its drudges with blades, rotary saws, drills and clamps (I’ma give ‘im the clamps!). he heads are also of different design – the Mind Bender drudges have a circular viewport shared across all the models, while the Mind Slaver’s poor chumps have to make do with grilles or… nothing, really.

As with the drudges, the attendant Cephalyx for both units share a common body, though different heads and cybernetic armature configurations can help you tell them apart. For a start, this guy’s got two eyes…

Painting chores on the Cephalyx Mind Slaver and Drudges were undertaken by Lostie Nick, who’s hinted that he might like to see all of the review Cephalyx appearing on the List Hemisphere Charity Fundraiser prize table at Templecon. Now, wouldn’t that be a thing…

The Cephalyx Mind Slaver and Drudges were a September release for your Warmachine collection – yes, we know, we’re late with this one. I blame the black plague. These guys probably had something to do with it. Regardless, hit up your FLGS and see if you can’t add some helmeted lobotomy patients to your tabletop.

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  1. very nice. happy with these plastic kits for the grunts. after reading all the fluff thinking about expanding my mers…