Jaga-Jaga, The Death Charmer

If I said I favored the Blindwater Congregation over the Thornfall Alliance, I’d be lying through my venomous teeth. A faction full of cyberhogs and models like the Razorback (damn I love that thing) just wins for me, despite the seeming competitive edge the Gators have. That’s pretty much how I felt until I saw Maelok, and at that point my steely resolve weakened somewhat. Zombie Gator Warlock?? Totally a thing, and way cooler a concept to this bald old git than his predecessors (and as always, that’s strictly a matter of personal opinion, YMMV). The addition of the undead voodoo-esque aspects of the Congregation threatened to lure my preferences toward the cold-blooded side of the fence. I haven’t succumbed yet, but then, there’s Jaga-Jaga the Death Charmer…

Jaga-Jaga is the Blindwater Congregation’s newest warlock, from Hordes: Exigence. She comes in eight scaly components.

Like any good reptilian death shaman priestess thingie, Jaga-Jaga is festooned with skulls, bones and feathers. It’s assumed that the feathers do not come from the same victims as the skulls, unless this is Privateer’s subtle hint that we’ll be seeing a faction of birdmen at some point. I hope not; can you imagine how much time you’d have to spend cleaning birdman poop off of your Colossals??

One of my very favourite monster gribblies in the Iron Kingdoms is the Tatzylwurm. Jaga-Jaga’s pet zombie Tatzylwurm is clearly a different subspecies than the mighty Skarath, but is no less impressive for the variance. The twin rows of spiked vanes, much like the dinosaurs that Jaga-Jaga probably counts in her family tree, may have served to dissipate heat, thus ensuring that even before its heart stopped beating and thus made it appealing to Walking Dead fans, this particular Tatzylwum was already… cool.

Yes, that was a long sentence for a terrible play on words. That’s just how I do.

Jaga-Jaga’s tail is also festooned with glyphs, and she has a living serpent as well, possibly kept as a snack for later. Also, I like using the word festooned. It sounds groovy.

You could hardly be calling yourself the Death Charmer without an appropriate hat. Jaga-Jaga has crammed a bunch of feathers in hers, possibly giving the initial appearance of a peacock. A crocodilian peacock of death. Okay, so maybe it’s more like an Egyptian deity. Either way it’s pretty sweet.


Nick’s cold weather saurians continue to impress me. I love the bright colours, I love the contrast, I love that it’s not what we normally see on Gators. That train of thought makes me wonder what she’s look like in red… but my own painting table’s too full for such shenanigans. How’s yours?

Jaga-Jaga the Death Charmer is a new warlock for the Blindwater Congregation and is ready to help you out with all of your zombie fishpeople needs. 

One Response to Jaga-Jaga, The Death Charmer

  1. I like both Minions pacts for their aesthetics (and they’re both entertaining to play). So I’ve got a load of both.

    My Jaga Jaga is built and undercoated. Bring on Helga and the battle engines. 😀