Lost Hemisphere Pins, coming to a Templecon near you

Teardrop Alt Ashlynn and Commando Gobber
Iosan Issyr rank and Wrench that can clobber
Borka that’s tiny and Kae’s armoured shins
These are a few of my favourite pins…

A quick announcement post this morning. I love Privateer Pins, I don’t think that’s surprising anyone at this point, but did you know – DID  YOU KNOW – that come Templecon 2015 you’ll be able to add two different Lost Hemisphere pins to your collection?? That’s them right there in the middle of the pic! A shiny silver Astrolabe, and an explosiony yellow title logo!


While it’s not immediately evident looking at ’em, the two Lost Hemisphere pins are actually part of Earl’s Brain Trust! You’ll recall, a couple of days ago we announced that we were selling shirts via the LH Swag Bag to raise funds to help Lostie Earl Barnett, who currently has a dirty great tumor in his head. The second part of our Brain Trust fundraiser is these pins. Any money made over the cost of manufacturing these shiny little geegaws will also added to Earl’s GiveForward fundraiser. Isn’t that neat?

So if you’re a pin collector, we hope we’ll be able to cross paths at Templecon and that you’ll be on board with helping us to help one of our own in his hour of need, in the process scoring yourself some swag niftiness. Ta!