Templecon Army Spotlight: Kallus

As mentioned in yesterday’s Templecon fundraiser post, one of the armies that will be on the prize table is a Kallus force painted by Tyrant Mithras of Rawrmachine, or as I like to call him, Tim. Today I’d like to showcase the models he’s completed for the army, so that you can go “Ooh” and “Aah” and think about supporting the fundraiser further, through either buying tickets at Templecon or providing a prize for the table!


(click to embiggen)

The army breaks down  at 35 pts as:

Kallus, Wrath of Everblight
– Ravagore
– Ravagore
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Spawning Vessel (min)
Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (max)
– Captain Farilor & Standard
Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters (10)


The faction and warlock was decided by the Almighty Wheel (All Hail The Wheel). Tim was wise (or foolish) enough to declare his intent to provide a prize army and to then leave the actual choosing up to a randomly spinning circle (All Hail The Wheel), but in the end I think the Wheel (All Hail The Wheel) has proven that it is, in fact, all-wise and all-knowing in such matters. This gorgeous Kallus will be travelling halfway around the globe to end up in the hands of one lucky raffle participant.


The pic’s pre-basing, but it shows that Tim has a solid grasp on how things are supposed to be. Even though he plays Cryx and Skorne, he’s well familiar with the unwritten rule that every Legion player needs to own two Ravagores.


Now. where would we be if we didn’t have a pasta pot to hoik victims into, in the interest of making more Land Pirahna? Tim’s got you covered with a Spawning Vessel and Acolytes.

Now, I know there’s no pic of the Incubi, but I’m told they’re sufficiently nausea enducing, in the best possible way. I want to take this moment to thank Tim for his awesome contribution to the prize table at Templecon, and also to his local gaming store Sleeping Dragon in Armidale, NSW, who I understand have also helped make this possible.


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  2. *hails the wheel*