LHR ep106: Pax Quaeritur Legio

First episode of 2015 and it’s about Legion?? Who plans these things?? Northblade and Gdaybloke are getting excited About the impending Templecon, but have taken some time away from painting and dragged a guest along to talk Blighted stuff. How many spines *are* there on a Carnivean? What will you use your Blight Wasps for? Tune in to hear Gdaybloke be completely dumbfounded talking to two guys who actually know the faction. Download by iTunes, or click the link: LINKY!

2 Responses to LHR ep106: Pax Quaeritur Legio

  1. Avatar lordbubonicus
    lordbubonicus says:

    Don’t worry Jamie, I got the Chris Pratt + raptors joke/reference 🙂

    Nice episode chaps, as per usual. I was at a tournament yesterday and managed to get a look at the zuriel that someone had – it’s a lovely model.

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