Praetorian Karax

Last month we had the happy good funtimes to show off the new plastic Skorne light infantry with the combines Praetorian Swordsmen/Keltarii kit. This time we get to show you the more-material-intensive Praetorian Karax, a unit that didn’t see much love for an awfully long time but that I’m seeing gain more popularity in recent months. Could it be that people are drawn to the way they hold their spears and shields like they aspire to be Titan Sentries? Man, just imagine an ten-man unit with Locker as an ability…. yeesh, okay, stop imagining it, that’s rough.

As with the other Praetorian kit, everything comes in little baggies. Bodies in one, bases in another, shoulderpads in a shird, and in this case the shields and spears come in the fourth. The bodies are the same as the previous kit, so we won’t bother going into detail on them again (though here’s a link to the previous unboxing for those who missed it).

The shields are, quite frankly, lovely. There’s handful that need a hobby knife dragged along the rim,but the detail is crisp and clean. The shield arms have a flat join, no pegs or whatnot. While this could open things up for a misalignment, it also means that you can position the shields on the arms however you need to be comfortable with the rest of the pose, and still be assured of having a solid contact area.

As with the shields, sliding a hobby knife along the haft will remove the flash, and some hot water will straighten out the bent ones easily enough. A variety of grips on the spears gives you plenty of alternatives for posing. Note that as with the Keltarii and Swordsmen, we get a unique head for the unit leader. He’s a little grumpy.

Lostie Autojack took some time out from writing his 5-bajullion word thesis on the practical application of those little marshmallow things you get in cereal, to paint a couple of sample Karax. Dark and brooding, this pair aren’t particularly keen to be your pals.

The models look menacing, and the paint scheme doesn’t hurt. As with many polearm models, the spear pointing directly forward may make it difficult to get other models into melee with the Karax, but I suspect that may be the intention. Keep your foes at bay!

“You! You drank the last of the  milk! Your crimes against share house living conventions will not go unpunished!”

Praetorian Karax are in stores now, and your FLGS staff are probably just hiding them from you because they don’t want to have to deal with even more Skorne with Shield Wall.

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  1. Avatar Jason Belsha
    Jason Belsha says:

    I love the color scheme of the Karax. Black/gold is always great.