Templecon Fundraiser prize pool just got a lot bigger.

For several years now, at Templecon, the Lost Hemisphere team – ably supported by the New England Privateers – have conducted a charity fundraiser. It started with victims of horrific flooding in Australia, which was obviously near and dear to my own heart. The next year, we raised funds for the Hope Alzheimers’ Center, which cares not only for those afflicted by the crippling dementia, but also for the families of patients, providing a support network that goes above and beyond. Next, if was Children’s mental illness, and last year we raised funds to benefit research in prostate and other colorectal cancers. This year we’re returning to Hope, with added poignancy given that I personally have lost two family matriarchs in the last twelve months, and other Losties are even now doing their best to care for family members locked in the grips of Alzheimers’ disease.

Last year we opened things up to the community to create a raffle prize table, with all sorts of painted and NIB models donated by our readers and listeners, as well as donations from Privateer Press, KR Multicase, Dragon Forge Design, Broken Egg Games, and the Temple. The generosity of our prize-providers helped spark the same flame in Templecon attendees who opened their wallets and helped us raise several thousand dollars for the Jimmy Fund. It was a huge success, and we’re repeating the formula this year. Contributions big and small have been trickling in, and an amazing prize pool has already developed..

What I didn’t expect was to come home today and find this.

I looked at the name of the sender – Mr David Not-That-One Cameron – and thought “That doesn’t make any sense…”. Opening the package took some carving – there’s a LOT of bubble wrap on there – and there was a letter addressed to me within that essentially started with “Well, I *was* just going to paint up a battlebox, but things kind of got away from me…”

Inside all of that bubble wrap I found a KR Multicase backpack, and a Broken Egg board . I immediately thought “Awesome! Supporting our sponsors supports us!’. And then there were two Allegiants of the Order of the Fist, and I thought “Hey! Kicky Monks!”. And then I read the letter.

To paraphrase…

“I started with the Convergence Battlebox… and then got all excited and built a full theme force. I needed bases, so I got Dragon Forge. I needed transport, so I got KR Multicase. I had two LH sponsors, so I called in the third as well, for the sake of completion. Then I stuffed stuff into EVERY POCKET ON THE BAG so that the only thing not provided is an opponent.”

There was more, but my mind was already reeling. I started checking pockets and taking pics.

In the right side pocket, all the cards, sleeved and in a deckbox. Also, a dry-erase marker.

In the small front pocket, a bunch of templates and tokens from Advanced Deployment.

In the main front pocket, a set of Privateer templates, a hardcover Forces of Warmachine: Convergence of Cyriss book, and some spare Lost Hemisphere logo bases from Dragon Forge Designs.

From the left pocket we pull two Chessex dice sets, a KR Multicase tape measure, Privateer’s Convergence token set and a Broken Egg Convergence token set.

Now, I had no idea what was in the list when I opened the case. The first thing that caught my attention was that everything that could be magnetized, was. Each Servitor is attached to its flight base by a magnet. Each of the light Vectors? More magnets. Holy cow, the amount of work that went into this…

In the top trays we find a dozen assorted servitors, 2 Algorithmic Disperson Optifexes, 2 Optifex Directives, an assortment of 5 standard light vectors, a corollary and a complete set of Wreck Markers.

Every single  model in the case is proudly mounted on a Lost Hemisphere logo base from Dragon Forge, and looks damn amazing.

How often to you even see the official wreck marker models? This entire army boggles my mind.

Now, if you were paying attention, at the side three pics up there’s a Colossal wreck marker. I saw it, and then the infantry tray, and though “Huh, he must have included it just in case, there’s no way there’s a Prime Axiom in here…”

Clearly, I forgot magnets. Lurking in the bottom section of the case, along with two warcasters and four fully magnetized heave vectors?

Prime Freaking Axiom! Note also the 120mm Lost Hemisphere logo base – something that doesn’t even exist and had to be made custom for the job!

Oh, and then there’s Syntherion…

… and Lucant…

… and an enormous pile of bubble wrap!

There aren’t enough words for me right now to express how deeply humbled and touched I am by the sheer amount of effort and investment that went into making this contribution to Lost Hemisphere’s charity efforts at Templecon this year.

I’m about as close to speechless as I’m capable of being.

David, from the bottom of my heart, right next to where Menoth hangs out and has tea parties with Scyrah, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to putting this all on display at Templecon in a few weeks and watching people boggle.


6 Responses to Templecon Fundraiser prize pool just got a lot bigger.

  1. Just. Too. Awesome! Wish I was attending this year, I’d drop more cash into the raffle than before, just for the chance to win this awesome kit.

  2. Avatar Snake Eyes
    Snake Eyes says:

    Hot damn

  3. Gday,

    So you do not need to be present to win?

    • Someone needs to be there when the ticket numbers are called to come and select the prize. If you have someone you trust to buy tickets and choose on your behalf, that’s between you and your agent, but LH will not be responsible for holding tickets on anyone’s behalf