Ninja All Stars Kickstarter now live


I make no bones about loving Super Dungeon Explore, what with its chibi dungeoneering goodness. The models are a refreshing palette cleanser, especially now that I’m paint Skorne (eep!), so it’ll surprise no-one that I’ve been keeping an eye on this one and waiting for it to drop.

Ninja All Stars is the latest kickstarter from Ninja Division, and follows many of the same philosophies that went into the incredibly successful Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King kickstarter (which is being delivered around the world as we speak! The Aussies already have theirs…).

A quick watch through the promo video in the kickstarter (link!) suggests that the six clans, each representing an aspect of the Kagejima – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Void and Spirit – and that they’re competing in a grand contest to determine whose ninjas are coolest.



  • Six clans, each with a different focus or strength. Tiger, Monkey, Squid, Fox, Crane, Oni. Different styles = gameplay variety, = replayability and option to specialise if you have a preference
  • Campaign  system – your ninja can gain experience, and presumably spend it on new skills and  the like
  • Chibi! (*Squee*)
  • Kickstarter only has a single pledge level – no confusion. That level gets you the base game and a bunch of add-ons
  • Optional purchases are optional – expand if you like, don’t if you don’t
  • Two clans in the main box (Tora and Ika – Tiger and Squid), the rest presumably to be unlocked as stretch goals
  • Comes with cards to use some of the heroes in Super Dungeon Explore (*squee!*)
  • No Kickstarter exclusives – As with Forgotten King, everything available in the KS will be made available in the course of time through your FLGS or via Soda Pop’s on line store
  • Pronouncing the model names correctly is going to cause me some grief
  • I want the monkey clan, dammit!
  • Kickstarter has already successfully funded… now it’s just a matter of seeing how far it goes.

I’m sure we’ll have more to share over the coming weeks, but suffice to say, I’m a tad excited.

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  1. Link?

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      You can click the pic at the top of the article, or you can click the link in brackets where it says (link). You have the power!