Toronto Comicon 2015

comiconlogoThere’s more than a handful of comic conventions in the Toronto area, but the largest on the calendar is FanExpo in the Summer. This isn’t it, but it’s put on by the same people, so… 😉 It’s basically a smaller scale Fan Expo. Still has some neat geek celebrities, but for my purposes, it’s perfect. Plenty of cosplayers and vendors, plenty of artists looking to sell their art skills and oh-so-keen to add to my Beta Ray Bill sketchbook… On Saturday I took Gdaygirl and her friend to  Toronto Comicon,  where they cosplayed for the very first time. They insisted that they needed to wander around without parental supervision, so I was – for a few hours – unsurpervized myself as I wandered the convention floor…

This is where it all began. Doctors 10 and 11. They had to borrow my sonic screwdrivers, but in the interests of making it an awesome day for them I was… willing… to let them wander with my precious, precious Whovian gadgets.

The Dr Who Society of Canada were raising funds for Sick Kids Hospital. It was highly entertaining… “THAT. WAS. A. VERY. GENEROUS. DONATION.”

Not to be outdone, the 501st were once again raising funds for the Make A Wish Foundation, offering a fully loaded nerf gun for a few shekkels. This time around we had a very sassy Scout Trooper….

The keyword being Trooper. Awesome dude too the shoots in good humor, and then posed with the girls.

The Toronto Steampunk Society was also on site, warily guarding against encroaching klingons from the next table

Always cool to see the Ontario Ghostbusters on site too!

It always interests me to see what else creeps into the vendor halls other than comics. Fairy doors of all sorts, including hobbit holes and TARDIS doors.

Nothing says “I went to Comicon!” like a brand new tattoo

Some of you may remember the Cyberman helmet from last year. This year it’s joined by Clone Troopers, Darth Vader, Optimus Prime, Boba Fett and Iron Man.


Aaaand table… full of skulls… they did have a clearance sale on a Meerkat skeleton, if that helps.

Canadian convention food courts bring the Food Trucks inside!

Alright, let’s completely undermine my nerd cred and go over some cosplay and show how little I know… These two were lovely folks, but I have no idea of their specific characters. The crown was particularly cool though.

There were a LOT of Riddler’s on site. This one wasn’t awake enough to riddle me, but we selfie’d anyway.

Git your LOTR on!

Ana was all smiles and giggles until a wristblade slipped between her ribs…

Another popular costume was TARDIS’. Some had sequins, but very few thought to bring a key…

Okay, Quicksilver I get, but… is that sword meant to be made of a carrot?

Spider-Man 2099 remains my favourite alternate version of everyone’s favourite webslinger.

Family cosplays were wonderful to see. The Flintstones!

Had to wait til they were finished their lunch before asking for a pic. Totally worth it.

The family that Sith’s together… um… decapitates Jedi together?

According to his mum he’d been practicing looking creepy all week. (*shudder*)

Does his mother know he ruined a perfectly good shirt for this???

We ran into them again later, when I had my own two Doctor’s on hand.

We also found a functionally minimalist K-9. You don’t need to have an enormous budget to engage in your fandom.

More functional minimalism, Cap and Winter Soldier!

Standing in line, waiting to buy con pizza, ready to destroy some Hammer Drones

One of the joys of being able to travel through time and space means you can hang with Teen Titans and Elves at the same time.

When fighting plunger-wielding daleks, ice cream cones are of great use.

A little Steampunk Peach and Daisy, because we’re classy like that.

A few FanExpo’s ago we had the Stormtroopers in love. This time, we have Vader and Fett. I was curious as to just how roomy Fett’s helmet was – I have a large noggin, so finding hats that fit is a thing…

I’m Gangsta Fett, yo.

This cosplayer was putting on an awesome performance for the young’uns, but damn are his (or her) arms going to be tired at the end of the day…

Wandering around outside the main hall again, the Clockwork crew of the Madame du Pompadour were making their presence known.

Okay, want to talk about dedication to the role? This Imperial Officer had the sternest expression and wasn’t budging for no-one!

Okay… Disney, Disney, Disney, Star Trek, Dis… .Wait, what??

A more eclectic cosplayer, this lovely lady had started off dabbling in steampunk before deciding to embrace her love of Anne McAffrey’s Pern  and incorporating dragons. A delight to chat with.

Captain Canuck is listening to you mock poutine. You might want to start running.

The next generation of Galactic Guardians… assuming the girls don’t kill each other.

Snow White: Warrior Princess and Mera were having sushi for lunch.

(*Riding up the escalator*)

ME: Lana… LAna… LANAAA!


ME: Photoooo Ooopppppppp!


While I didn’t get any new sketches for my book in the end… I’ve wanted a Bowen mini-bust for years. Literally, over a decade. To find one of my favourite characters – Ronan the Accuser – for sale at half price??

And my desk at work will declare me to be King of the Geeks, and all shall tremble in my wake.