Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith

How long have Protectorate players been waiting for this? How long has the cry rung out “We want a Paladin Warcaster!”? How long have the faithful laboured without an implacable, immovable force for the Lawgiver?

I’ve you’re a regular Lostie who’s read Dicewraith’s recent articles, or ya know, you’re just vaguely aware of things now that he’s hitting shelves and we’ve all got Reckoning hand… Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith, has landed.

Anson, handsome devil that he is, packs a resin body with metal extras, which means that despite his impressive bulk – he’s only our second 40mm base warcaster after all – he’s a much lighter model than you’d expect.

Durst’s body is a single resin piece. The details are crisp, and the cast I received was clean except for a couple of mold plugs that are easily clipped off.

The shield speaks to the bulwark that is the Rock of Faith. Solid, sturdy, exquisite yet you know –  you just *know* – no filthy Morrowan’s punching through that.

In his right hand, Recompense. I’m thinking it’s a footman’s lance more than anything else, a short spear maybe… either way it’s beautiful, and promises burnination.

From the world of smaller accessories, we have the rear dropcloth, if you will, the stacks and his shoulder pads. Some slight mold likes to be cleaned up, but otherwise straightforward. Those shoulder pads may likely be a hit for customising models once they hit the parts store.

And I’ll form… THE HEAD!
Alright, old Voltron reference, I’m showing my age…


Painting chores on the Rock of the Faith were handled by Lostie Gramut, who picked the model up at Lock & Load and clearly acknowledged that the best place for him was on a Dragon Forge base.

When he declares “None shall pass!” it’s a pretty safe bet he won’t end up a limbless torso, choosing to call it a draw…

Anson Durst is available now from FLGS and retailers and you should get him because damn if he isn’t something of a game changer in terms of the Menite attrition game…