SCA: Pennsic XLIV Pt 2

Aaaand after GenCon, it was back to Pennsic! You have no idea how long it took me to pare down the photos for this post, and there’s *still* enough here for multiple day’s worth… but let’s git ‘er dun! The road trip from Indianapolis back to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, was uneventful, though it did include stopping off at a mundane clothing vendor to pick up some more shorts… we’d been told Pennsic was going to be cool and damp, so I’d only packed a couple of pair of warmer weather leg garments.

NB: I’m lumping pics in this one into loosely defined categories, rather than in chronological order. WHEE!

It turns out my campmates decided my pavillion needed to be a little more festive, so decorated it while I was away!

Now, I want to make special mention of the Admiral here. The Admiral is, of course, the partner-in-crime of Ninja Steve, as shown two days ago in the first of the GenCon photodumps. When she’s not conquering the Seven Seas, she maintains a secret identity as Cupcakes & Confections By Victoria.

Being the awesome being of awesomesauce that she is, the Admiral not only baked some zucchini muffins for my campmates, but also made some viking shortbread for King Steinnar of Ealdormere (bearing in mind his dietary needs), and…

Bam. Cupcakes, made using ingredients specially chosen so as to work with Queen Lidr’s allergies, and the Kingdom shield of Ealdormere as bonus noms. How amazing is that??

If you happen to be in Indianapolis, I heartily recommend her noms. Her cake pops are super delicious. You can click this link here to check out her BookFace. LINK!


Preparing for Opening Ceremonies on the Saturday of War Week, I came across this gentleman wandering the streets. We did not engage in fisticuffs, I have a sneaking suspicion he might have won.

Ever vigilant regarding the needs of her populace, Princes Domhnaill provided Oreos before the procession. We’re pretty sure there’s evidence of oreos as far back as Constantinople, so we’re good.

Pal Emer’s invisible camera takes the best invisible photos.

Ealdormerean dragons, quite sensibly, come in red to match the garb of the citizens.

Proceeding through the streets to the battlefield

I had the honour of carrying the Populace Banner in the procession. Woot!

How to catch a Gypsy.

1. Make a bubble wrap banner.

2. Wave it just out of her reach.

3. Realise she can jump, try to retrieve the banner before she pops the entire thing.

Each kingdom marched in with members of their populace in tow, banners flying.

Wait… is that Lostie Natalie??

Damn straight! Representing the rapier fighters of the East, breaking foes and stabbing hearts. Or is that the other way around?

“Okay, I put my right foot in. Now, this shaking it all about business, can I appoint someone for that?”


Naturally, it being War Week, there was a bunch of thwackery going on.

So much the thwackery…

Brief pause from Thwackery. To be resumed.

There was, of course, Stabbery going on as well.

Back to fighting pics! Swords? Nah, dual wielding axes. It’s a thing.

House Sable Maul marches to war

Watching households march in units was neat!

Just a couple of combatants…

Between rounds, some fighters would take advantage of the pause to spar.

One-on-one stabbery was a constant


One on One on One on One all over the place!

Now, before you get all snarky about her not wearing a mask, I’ll point out that the gentleman on the left isn’t armed.

Queen Lidr receives a report from the field.

Sunshades. Given how damn hot it was, I felt so bad for all the fighters in layer upon layer of armour.

King Steinnar addresses the troops

Pal Merewen was Ealdormere’s rapier general.

Alright, crew, let’s get out there and stab people!


I didn’t spot any bow ties on site. Shame, really.

It was a cool gate. I took a picture.



The Fairy Battle at the Raven Spittle consisted of over half an hour of people lobbing glow sticks onto the deck, and then having them thrown back into the crowd.

Someone turned the Hogfather into a Gnome!

Running into Lochacians was a massive highlight of the adventure for me. Australia and New Zealand sent over a significant delegation of super cool people who I didn’t have to repeat myself to be understood by!

The King of Lochac, who didn’t exile me in absentia despite my living in Ealdormere and not having eaten vegemite for many years.

The Queen of Lochac, possibly one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the combatants I’ve ever had the pleasure to stand beside as she hooted and hollered and cheered on her subjects.


Whassamatter, Meuric? You’re looking a little tired…

Ah, that explains it… HI BRUNHILDA!

JACK MUNGO! For when you absolutely, positively need a siege engine destroyed… with a dagger…

I heart these crazy kids

Cheers to the marshals et al who spent so long checking every single projectile from every single combar archer. Man, what a job.

“The long one’s for stabbing! The shorter one’s for… slightly shorter stabbing.”

A brief respite from stabbery

I did try to get some painting done at one point, honest!

What shape do you wart?

So I took a class in Kumihimo, and learned to make braided cords. This is the very first period-accurate craft I’ve actually done, even if it’s with modern tools.

I know it’s simple, but this is the first thing I’ve been able to make for Ealdormere, so it felt pretty damn special.

It joined two companions in the end, to go onto the prize table for the annual Estrogen & Axes tournament hosted by the Axemaidens of Ealdormere.


The tournament is open to any Scadian ladies who have a penchant for thwockery.

It also serves as warning to Scadian men about coming home too late from the pub.

Hori just realised his limeade was spiked with wasabi…

Ah, the King’s Grill, where many tasty Aussie-esque noms could be obtained.

The Walkabout Sundaes were mashed potato , meat and sauce in a sundae cup so you could wander and nom!

Yeah, I’m jealous… he still has some of his hair…

I mean, if you’re gonna show what something’s used for with a prop, you may as well traumatize a toddler in the process, no?

Hey! What are you two crazy kids up to?

Ooohhh… that’s a thing…

This lovely baroness (I wish I could remember where she was from) was at Pennsic without her baron, so she packed a proxy baron in her bag! Good thing I didn’t tell anyone, it may have been abducted and held for ransom!

I made Budi play High Command with me. I’m a bad man…

We also played Deadfellas, just cos.

The Mayor of the Lake!

We may have imbibed a little at the Viking Luau….

Wandering around the marketplace was a lot of fun. So many vendors, so many shinies, so many… hang on…

… Didn’t I just see you guys at GenCon???

While not exactly period accurate, football jerseys for each kingdom were available should you be so inclined.

Sure, the sign was referring to rubbing the bottoms of mugs, bowls, and other pottery vessels, but heck, if you’re going to advertise it, you gotta put up or shut up!

… what happened that necessitated that last line?? Oh my…

Got Pouch?

Grr! Argh! Angry Hedgehog Mug!

If you’re going to San FranPennsic, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair


Okay, so Fizzball is an event where teams of three players swing as full beer cans are lobbed at them. You earn points for damage done to the can, and for distance.

Each team can design their own bats, have their own theme, what have you

The combat on the battlefield was spectactular, but the entertainment down in the swamp was also superb

It draws a small crowd…

Was it a good hit??

Oh, heck yeah…. SPIRAL!

Some Scadians forgo modern shampoos and conditioners and just douse their own faces with beer.

The Unbelt tournament was won for the first time this year by Ealdormere. Here, James and Alex present her Majesty Queen Lidr with their victory token thingie, a plaque bearing the symbol of Ealdormere. It was super awesome.

How much do I love these guys?

This much.

Septentrian Baronial Court. Not all may be aware but her Majesty Queen Lidr is actually the Mayor of Eoforwic, which is part of Septentria. There was some concern about there being a potential conflict of interest, but…

… all concerns soon vanished in the face of sugary goodness. As it should be.



Pilgrim tokens, a gift from their Excellencies Percival and Christiana, to commemorate my first Pennsic

Pennsylvania has some pretty bugs.

Back at Talfryn, Bethoc rocked Deadfellas

While down in the bog, I made Budi play High Command again. I’m a horrible man! 😉 Or an excellent Press Ganger…

Royal Court! Break out the pageantry!

The saunter of a Baroness with a brand new award. Woot Ramshaven!

Pal Appolonia received her Scarlet Banner!

My hat was properly identified.

Love these two gals.

So, it turns out Alex really wants to be banished. Not entirely sure why… but we started keeping track. I myself was personally banished 8 times over the course of Pennsic, the first time for not waking the Queen up at 6:30AM. I was also possibly knighted for thwacking Alex with a spatula, but I don’t think that’ll hold up in Royal Court.


Shenanigans ensue.

Back down in the bog, the Apothecarion was operating with full staff.

Over at Vlad’s, the Drag Race was rocking. I only witnessed the later events, but it was most entertaining.

Budi, Hedgehog and card game buddy, won last year, so was acting as guest judge this year.

Bethoc and I found Secret Cheese! Sacred Cheese? I was never quite sure… but at 2AM, it was amazing.

The Five Elements party over at the Rozakii encampment had Twister. What more do you need to know?

Normally the royals travel with an entourage. On Wednesday night of War Week, we levelled up to her Highness’ Drunktourage!

Marshmallows were tossed from yon parapet…

… one was apparently really thirsty.

Snow White!

Midnight Madness was all full of hustle and bustle. It was a lovely atmosphere.

I appear to have caught the plague at some point…

Down at the Circus of the Damned, fire swords!

Time to pack it all away and head home…

Goodbye, Pennsic! Thanks for everything!

Ramshaven ring? Check.
Septentria band? Check.
Ben Dunfirth and Rising Waters, you’re on notice. You too, Skrael, though you’re a bit further away.

Finally, tired block is home and tied. Also unshaven and pretty scraggly.

And thus, the epic two week adventure South of the Border ends.

Again, huge thanks to the Talfryn’s for letting me crash at their campsite, and to every single person who played a part in making me understand why, when you come to Pennsic, people say “Welcome Home.”

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