Glacier King

Oh, I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile now… I, for one, have always been fond of the Mountain King. I’ve always preferred to look at the flavour of a model rather than strictly at some sort of value-for-points ratio. The optimal spot for any model is out there if you only take the time to find it. That said, when word came down the pipe that the Mountain King was getting a new compadre of a chilier disposition, I was intrigued. How would it be different? Aside from a preponderance of icicles, what would mark this new avatar of the frozen North as distinct from his Southern brethren? Clearly, it’s his preference for iced coffee…

Ladies and Gentelost, in the packaging he came home from GenCon in, the Glacier King…

FOUR ENORMOUS PIECES OF RESIN! And then some smaller pieces, though still quite substantial, and a handful of smaller metal components. Sugar and spice? Nah, that’s not what Glacier Kings are made of.

Slipped focus on the camera still shows the abundance of torso detail, and one rather unfortnate resin plug that’s going to need to be snipped off…

From behind, the gentle curve of the Glacier King’s butt, to be hidden behind his bear pelt. Not many xenobiologists will tell you this, but Glacier Kings tend to have a birthmark on their heinies denoting their birth order.

Into that gaping cavity on his back will slot this glorious series of spires. Warmachine players, if you didn’t feel bad for your Hordes friends about how much more difficult it was for them to foam up their Gargantuans before…

… but the edifice is worth it. Resin plugs are interfering with a smooth fit here, but having some putty on hand probably isn’t a bad idea regardless.

Each shoulder also has room for a set of ancillary spires. Note the smooth “snow” sections, neatly differentiated from the textured skin surface. Now imagine painting the crystals as jell-o and the snow as custard. Yep. Went there. #SweetTooth

Sugar-sweet shoulder jell-o spires… dammit, I should have eaten dessert before writing this.

Speaking of, you could be forgiven for thinking that what may be the longest face in Hordes history has lost his lower teeth to a diet of sugary Khadorans over the years. They’re so sweet…

… but nope, the lower teeth – which look frighteningly like the ice spires on his back, complete with frozen saliva icicles, is one of the few metal components of the kit.

The head, of course, nestles neatly into the middle of the chest, as with most trolls. We don’t need no steenking necks.

Now, let’s work down from the shoulders. Each of the arms is largely a single component, with the exception of a spot for bonus icicle spites on each forearm, and separate hands.

Said forearm icicles can be seen here in this pic of some of the assorted metal components – there’s really not that many, which is wonderful when considering how much this model would weigh if it was all metal . Not pictured are two fingers.

No, not two fingers of Scotch, two actual fingers, one with yet another ice spire. Note the wonderful potential here should a qualified, and potentially suicidal, manicurist step up.

I mean, look at those nails! They’re just begging for French tips.

I may be inordinately amused that the metal component is the pinky finger.

Glacier King Needs No Uggs!

But, after destroying the War Witch who was protecting the Amulet of the Lion’s Blaze, the Glacier King was happy to find a bear pelt.

Oh Dear Menoth, someone needs to make a diorama with Deneghra…

And then Alex Newman dropped this bombshell on Bookface, and I offered to send him flowers if he’d let me share his work here.

“It was THIS BIG!

Pretty sure he’s not doing the chicken dance…



You bloody well should be. It’s gorgeous.

The Glacier King is a November release and is ready to introduce your opponents to the icy chill of despair. Talk to your FLGS about getting your mittens on one.

2 Responses to Glacier King

  1. Alex Newman Is A Well Talent it Gentleman who Has The Ability To Imagine And Create Amazing Models ., As A Friend Im Very Proud With All Of His Hard Work., And Very Proud You Guys Have Chosen Him To Use His Model !!
    Way To Go !!
    Go Alex Newman

  2. Necks just mean a longer trip for food(and anything else) before its in your stomach.