Death Wolves

Now that CaptainCon photodumps are out of the way I can get back to doing one of the things I enjoy most – showing you shiny things! The Death Wolves were one of the surprises from Hordes: Exigence, and the rules were initially given mixed reviews, but they have ardent adherents and people who’ve put in the time to make them terrors of their local metas.

Of course, the real champions out there are the ones that looked at the amount of detail on the models and said “Let’s do this…” 😉

At first blush, there’s quite a lot of components in the blister. A few moments sorting things should get you on the right track though. You can cross-reference the art in the book, or, ya know, just check here 😛

SKOLL is a five part model. While everything goes together in a pretty predictable fashion, be mindful of the antlers – you may need to pin them, or otherwise ensure that they’re stuck on there really well.


Lostie Tuna tackled the painting chores. Somewhere out there, there’s a happy little tree. Skoll wants to cut it down.

Caleb is also in five components, but the contact points are generous and with the lower torso separated from the upper, you’ve got plenty of opportunity to work on those interior leathers should you wish to.


While everyone else wants to be Deadpool, Caleb’s still thinking of Wolverine.

Tala has the distinction of being the only one of the three whose head is separate from her skull hat. Four components make it easy, and if you wish to you could even leave her skull hat off and sculpt some hair there.


Black blades, slicing midnight. I’m waiting for Tuna’s justification as to why Tala doesn’t get a rock to stand on, and has to risk getting her ugg boots wet. 😉


Together the Death Wolves are set to bring about the downfall of civilisation, one filthy Cygnaran at a time. They’re definitely not wearing gothic kigurumi onesies. They’re also available now from your favourite FLGS or online vendor.