IKRPG: Immortality

Not so long ago, in living memory, Michael G Ryan and Matt Goetz had an idea to run a serial adventure for the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game (hereafter referred to as IKPRG) through the pages of the esteemed No Quarter periodical. It was a bold endeavour, and I say that as someone who strives to ensure there’s new content here on Lost Hemisphere five days a week. I comprehend their pain… but they did it. No Quarter #59 saw the last chapter of Immortalityprinted for your reading and gaming edification.

Of course, I made a deliberate point not to read it, since I held out hopes of an IKRPG campaign being run locally wherein I could participate as a player, but then those cheeky sods at Privateer Press just *had* to publish the whole series as a single volume, which of course triggered my collector instincts, and then – just to be rude – they added three extra scenarios to the campaign. I mean, really, guys? Sigh… fine… 😉


Immortality tells the story of a Khadoran gone bad. A renegade Greylord is on the brink of achieving eternal life and becoming more powerful than any  mortal should be. It’s up to your team of intrepid adventurers to intercede and stop the madness. 

The tome is very well laid out and considerate of a variety of party types. For example, the first two scenarios – Spirit In Steeland Dead In The Water– are geared expressly to introduce a non-Khadoran party to an adventure that’s heavily rooted in Khador, while if your party are already all Kossites, Iron Fangs, and other sons and daughters of the North, you can kick things off with Undeath Metalinstead. This kind of planning and layout is a hallmark of Privateer’s roleplaying supplements, and opens up the gaming experience to whatever your party is. You’re not shoe-horned into playing characters from a particular region, of particular classes, whatever – the option is there for your GM and players to exercise their full creativity in party and character creation.

Things start off with wierdness out of the gate as our heroes investigate an attack on a fishing village, only to discover that a rogue warjack is much more than it seems, and the taint of necromancy is in the air. What happened to Bowden Haightly, and why is the Order of Illumination so interested?

Over the next several chapters the campaign will lead the players into Khador, into conflict with the Convergence of Cyriss, through a murder investigation, battling through railyards, into a ghost town, through medical laboratories filled with all manner of grotesquerie, and more. Toss in a mad alchemist, Paladins of the Order of the Wall, a gaunt horror figure known as the Crimson Man, oh, and let’s include the Circle Orboros as well…

Immortatlity kicks off a brand new team of players with 0 XP and leads them on a rollicking adventure through the north, crossing national borders and ticking off multiple factions as they attempt to rein in the mad greylord and keep their own heads in the process. If you’ve been looking for a way to kickstart a campaign to engage your players and help them develop their love of the Iron Kingdoms setting (and maybe their hatred of Khador, because Menoth wills it), this may be the supplement for you.

Oh, and if you’ve got all the No Quarters, remember: there’s three brand new scenarios in the collected volume to expand on the adventure 😉