Real talk: Amon Ad-Raza in Mk III

Okay, real talk. It’s been a big month for Amon Ad-Raza. My very favouritest warcaster has made his first appearance in a work of fiction inbloody foreverand given Cygnaran posterboy Stryker a few new bruises, he’s been the inspiration for an amazing cosplay at Lock & Load, and of course, he’s been revised for Warmachine Mk III. My devotion to the Order of the Fist is a matter of public record, and I’m keen to see what the Protectorate of Menoth theme forces bring that can possibly, maybe, replace the Wanderers of the Faith in my gamer heart, but for now… what did they do to the Big Boss Kicky Monk?

Howietzer does schmexy art things

Amon’s stats are… well, pretty much unchanged. Aside from his warjack points, which scaled from 6 to 29, he’s still just as fast… strong… accurate… as he’s ever been. He’s still DEF 16, because he forgot how to use Shifting Sands stance when he graduated from the Monastery and got a new hat. He still has Pathfinder, his card now shows Parry as an icon. Oblivion – his ball and chain – still has 2″ reach, and is a magical chain weapon.

One thing that is new, is Tough.

I know the signature Troll ability’s had some bad press lately since it can be negated by Knockdown effects, but that’s not going to be a problem for Amon once we flip the card over.

In Mk II, Amon’s card was graced with:

  • Groundwork – Full DEF remains in play when knocked down
  • Perfect Balance – No CRA’s or CMA’s, or backstrikes, and can stand up for free.
  • Oblivion: Chain Weapon, and both Smite and Thresher special attacks

In Mk III, we see a couple of changes.

  • Field Marshal [Parry]
  • Preternatural Reflexes – No CRA’s, CMA’s, or backstrikes
  • Steady
  • Oblivion: Trip as a special attack.

So wait a minute… The gloss of Groundwork’s irrelevant because he can’t be knocked down anyway… Along the same lines, he doesn’t need to stand up for free because, again, he can’t be knocked down. Alrighty then! And granting his warjacks Parry? That was the primary reason I used his feat in Mk II – to let the Warjacks get where I wanted them, without suffering free strikes. Now you’re telling me they can do it all game long, even if they’re not in his control area? Well then!!!!

Okay, but Oblivion makes me a little sad. Being able to walk (or charge) something and slam it has always been one of my favourite things. It’s the reason I love House Shyeel Magisters. Stripping it from Amon makes me sadface a little. I’m not worried about the loss of Thresher, because … well, wait for the spell card.

Instead we get Trip. If it’s hit, it’s on its butt. No more slamming for bonus knockdowns or collateral damage, butno more worries about Amon swinging and then finding the preferred target of his most righteous beatdown suddenly out of melee range. No, they’ll be right there, where you can hit them over and over again. Okay.

Amon’s never been much of a spellslinger. Everyone bogggles about Synergy and what it can do with a swarm of warjacks, and I’ll freely admit I have *every* intention of abusing it with the Purifier, but for me, Mobility’s always been the thing. That +2 SPD on my warjacks, and pathfinder, have been game changers for me again and again. When you can play against a Legion Flying Circus list and have the entire battle take place within 2″ of their setup zone just because your stuff is stupid maneuvrable, you know you’re having a good time.

He kept it.

And Synergy, and Convection too. Flagellation’s gone though. No more replicating Blessedand ignoring Tough. Given that a large part of Flagellation was ignoring overboosted power fields, and that’s a concept that’s completely changed in Mk III, I guess Flagellation was bound to be a casualty.

Instead, Fortify and Flashing Blade.

This is why I wasn’t too concerned about the loss of Thresher. Gone is the Special Attack, now available is an ability that has the same effect, that you can repeat as many times in a turn as you have Focus. Pay one, thresh. Pay one more, thresh again. I’m okay with this.

Fortify’s a different thing though. It somewhat replicates some aspects of his old feat by granting immunity to knockdown to a warjack, but more importantly, it also grants immunity to pushes and slams, and -AND- and it’s an ARM buff. Your Vigilant can now rock around as an 9pt ARM 23 bulwark. I… I’m not sure I have words for how much this makes me smirk.

Finally, his feat, Union. It’s lost the ability to grant Perfect Balance, but as discussed, key parts of that are replaced by Field Marshal [Parry] and Fortify. Beyond that, it’s unchanged, and accordingly, I’m even more likely to forget to use it now.

So overall thoughts?

Amon retains almost everything I loved about him in MkII, and picks up a couple of new tricks that will make  him slightly more annoying to your opponents, and his warjacks muchmore irritating.

I may commence snickering.

One Response to Real talk: Amon Ad-Raza in Mk III

  1. Avatar cyric036
    cyric036 says:

    I am sadfaced about the loss of Smite, For me, commonly during the feat turn and to get max benefit out of the feat, Amon would activate early and would be the one to clear a charge lane. Using Smite was often the best means to accomplish that against a warjack.

    Regardless, glad the almost useless Flagellation is gone. Looking forward to giving Amon a spin in Mk3.