Hitchcock was right: Carrion Thralls

Imagine a world where Una the Falconer went bad. She wasn’t found by the Druids of Orboros before she underwent her wilding; rather, the was an abandoned foundling on the Scharde Islesl, hiding from Tharn and trying to eke out an existence on whatever morsels she could find. Now imagine her finding her way to Skell, and commanding a small flock of filth-ridden seagulls. Food was easier to come by now, but it was only a matter of time before someone noticed the teenage bird girl and brought her to a Necrotech. Soon? Carrion Thralls…

Death takes a wing.



Evil pigeons of doom! Malevolent seagulls! Perfectly normal everyday Australian magpies! The boss bird and three of his pals are single piece models, while the other six have separate wings and bodies.


He’s the leader because if he has a bone to pick with you, he’ll take you to tusk.

… okay, that was terrible, even by my usual standards…


(*sings*) you are the wind beneath my wings…


WOAH! We got a badass over here!


Someone just finished watching the Dark Crystal and totally thinks he’s a Skeksis


Looking for a statue to leave a deposit on…


Yeah, I need to have a word with TheGreatGaspy about sending me grainy photos 😉

Carrion Thralls have winged their way into your FLGS and preferred online retailer’s shelves. Flap on in and get some for your undead horde.

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  1. Avatar dbrown_astro
    dbrown_astro says:

    I really need to pick some of these up. I love the character of the models, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re a decent unit to boot.