Druid Mist Riders

“You know what? Those Druids should be riding enormous goats,” said no Morrowan ever. “Oh, like, I just wish there was some way for those Devourer worshippers to run around faster, so we could get more exercise trying to chase them down,” said no Exemplar ever. “What are we going to do with all these bloody bodybuilding ibex?,” said some canny potent.

Suddenly, Druid Mist Riders.



We joke at times that miniatures are “plastic crack” for gamer geeks like me… and yet, goat druid bits, like so many other kits from Privateer Press, come in baggies…


Let’s start with the goats. The grunts in the unit have a choice of two different steeds. The unit leader has his own, because he’s a show-off.


Each sculpt provides a wonderful tutorial in how to carve up goat flanks for the next big family dinner. Or, ya know, keyed sockets for the legs to make sure you put the right legs with the right torsos.


The heads kinda slot into the neck, with the armour on the back of the head masking the join, along with the bridle. Nicely, the horns aren’t separate components, because that’d be a pain.


Two different rider poses also provides some options for your grunts, separated at the waist to allow for cloak flowiness. It’s a legit term, I swear.


They’re like twins! Except they’re not, they just both have hooded cloaks and masks. THEY’RE RINGWRAITHS!


Each gets one of these schmexy voulges, and an arm from the baggie. But wait, what’s with that last voulge?


Oh, it belongs to this dude, with his flowing tresses and outstretched arm telling you to stop your shenanigans.


Of course, TheGreatGaspy had to paint him, what with his flowing locks and ivy league education.

You too can ride off into the sunset on your magic goats. Check out your FLGS or preferred online retailer.

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  1. yay more PVC crap