CaptainCon Fundraiser Update: Ninjas on board!

If by some chance you weren’t paying attention, Lost Hemisphere’s annual fundraiser in conjunction with the New England Privateers is returning to CaptainCon in February. We announced it here, and if you haven’t read about it you should, so that you can remember to bring moneys to buy draw tickets to support the Jimmy Fund and to win goodies from the prize pool. Speaking of which, our pals at Ninja Division have sent a care package for the prize pool, so those of you at CaptainCon will have opportunities to get your Ninja on!

Behold yon pile of chibi niftiness!



NInja Practice and the First and Second Sagas of Hanzo? Organized play kits and ways to teach new peoples the things!


Why yes, those are the alternate Shojo cards and clan element sweatbands that were only available as part of the Ninja All Stars release kit. Yes, I have been known to periodically wear my Earth element one for no particular reason. I think these will be handed out to CaptainCon attendees that amuse me…


Hitting the prize shelf will be Super Ninja Ambush, the crossover box that adds new heroes, spawn points and minibosses to your Super Dungeon Explore (or Super Dungeon Legends or Super Dungeon Arena) games!


Five – FIVE! – clan boxes for Ninja All Stars. Even if you’re not into the game, these are an *excellent* source of chibi goodness for painting shenaniganry, with amazingly characterful little stabby dudes and the like.


Understanding that the Yamazaru Clan are by nature the superior clain, the good folks at Ninja Division have included the hero Mizaru as guardian to the Moon Princess.


Finally three very schmexy Super Dungeon Tactics posters.


So here’s the deal. Turn up at CaptainCon in February. Get tickets for the draw. Support the Jimmy Fund. Win stuff.

Easy peasy.