Black River Irregulars: Back into the Undercity

I can’t stress the importance of a good diet with enough leafy greens and fibre. The cities of the Iron Kingdoms aren’t known for their amazing feats of sewer engineering and water purification, so do you really want to be known as a Black River Irregular? … … What? Black River is not a reference to polluted waterways? Irregulars is in the military unit sense? Oh… well, I guess that makes more sense. New expansion time, kids! The Undercity is Privateer Press’ cooperative board game where a group of mercs fight ne’er-do-wells in the belly of Corvis. I’ll confess, when the main set came out I was hoping to see the characters from Richard Lee Byers’ Murder In Corvisand I was a little confused to only see Milo and Gardek, but with the new Black River Irregulars expansion for Undercity (also compatible with the upcoming Widower’s Wood), we can put the whole gang together.



The Black River Irregulars box comes with new tile elements, new rules for five- and six-player games, a new scenario – but let’s face it, it’s all about having new heroes to play with. The core set gave us the gun mage Canice Gormleigh, the trollkin Gardek Stonebrow, the alchemist Milo Boggs, and the goober Pog and his warjack Doorstop. Each spiffy in their own right, but now there are new players in town…


Bastian Kinnet stomps onto the board with a mace in his hand and a book on his hip! In the name of Morrow he’ll bash your skull in and then fill it it with hymns and holy writ!


Bastian brings a decent bit of biff to the team with his POW 8 mace, but what he really brings to the team is healing potential. His feat means you can heal two damage or nuke a continuous effect every turn as needed. Back it up with his prayers – an upkeepable Armor buff, a self-attack/damage buff and a buff for your friends as long as they’re nearby make Bastian an excellent support character and a valuable asset to any team.


Colbie Sterling’s art over there is quietly judging the terrible pic I took of her model. Axe and slug gun, Colbie is the brains behind the Black River Irregulars.


As befits a military officer, Colbie Sterling is team-centric all the way, and not afraid to get her hands dirty in melee or at, well, very close range with her slug gun. Leadership grants her aiming bonuses, charge attack bonuses, or the ability to navigate rough ground, and her feat lets her act whenever she likes in the initiative order. Being able to shuffle herself before or after other members of the team can be a huge boon for coordination… as befits her role.


Barl Blackheel’s model tells you everything you need to know about his role: Pew Pew Pew. Double barreled pistols, baby. Rhulic firearms a-blazing, Barl just needs a cowboy hat to bring the West to the Undercity.


Barl’s pistols may be low power, but don’t let that fool you, they pack a punch. With potential for a defense debuff against nearby foes, extra damage against those eating the dirt, and the ability to draw extra feat cards instead of making attacks opens his options wide, especially when he can then turn around and pitch one of those feat cards to activate Both Barrels, rolling an additional die on the damage rolls. Pew pew indeed.


Eilish Garrity – who had a chip on his shoulder and a rod up his… um… anyway, he was a stickler in Murder In Corvisand had to learn the hard way that sometimes it pays to work well with others. He bring the first actual spellcaster to Undercity, and I’ve been playing him myself in a local campaign.


Eilish has a sword, but it’s all about the zap. Arcane Strike doesn’t hit as hard as his sword can, but being a ranged attack he can pop minions while maintaining a little distance lest his thoroughly average armour get dented. As a Will Weaver he can boost any spell attack or damage roll, and with Deceleration and Mirage in his arsenal he can play a decent support role as well. A decently rounded character, Eilish just needs to be wary that his low Vitality doesn’t get him smooshed. A small price to pay for the ability to unleash arcane destruction on your foes. Muhahahah! Ahem…. no, I have no idea if Epic Eilish goes mad with power.


The Black River Irregulars expansion is available now through your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Looking to breathe a little more life into your campain, include more than four players or just want some more variety in your roster? Check it out. Also not a bad idea if you just want to have some more options for Widower’s Wood 😉