Ninja All Stars: Shojo

shojo_01It’s Chibi Wednesday, and it’s time to go shopping. Today we’re taking a look at the shopkeeper from the Ninja All Stars kickstarter, Shojo! Though she was born to Clan Ika, Shojo is more than happy to eschew clan loyalties if you have the coin. She’s also just generally happy to help provide you with what you need!

Shojo’s quite mobile on that barrel with a speed of 6, though her attack and defense are both 2, so our happy little merchant is quite light on the stats. With the Water and Earth affinities, she’ll join your team for 16 Koban, and stick around for 6 each game. With her low stats, though, why do you want her on your team? Let’s see what she has in stock.

Yopparai: Each round, Shojo can choose to buff either her offense or defense by +2, making her very versatile. Personally I think it’s largely based on just what’s in that bottle she’s carrying…

Shrewd Negotiator: If she’s in the healing house at the end of a game, her team gets 2 additional koban. Moneys! However, she needs to be in the healing house… if you can swing it, get your timing right and afford to have her off the board healing rather than in the fray at the close of the game, she essentially pays 1/3 of her own maintenance fee.

Close Combat Master: Reroll one of your dice when making a combat roll. This can be the difference between dropping an opponent, or putting herself into the healing house at the wrong time.

Nimble: Reroll any or all of your dice when she attempts a dodge. All that time vaulting over barrels has paid off.

Redirection: When someone tries to hit her with a ranged attack, on a successful affinity test she redirects the attack onto another model – friendly or enemy – within range of the attack. I can picture it now. “That guy said something about yer mom!”. Note that with a dual affinity there’s a 1 in 3 chance that every ranged attack you make at her will potentially be redirected into one of your own models…

Resilient: Any time you hit her she does an affinity test – so a 1 in 3 chance this will trigger – and that Injury becomes a Stun, or that Stun just goes away in its entirety. Tis but a scratch! Are you interested in some guava juice? I have a sale on cut-price linens…

Ronin: Well, yeah, she’s a ronin, you have to meet her fee or she’ll take her business elsewhere.

As one of the more affordable ronin (Cheap at half the price, Shogun! Come in, see what else we have on sale!), Shojos isn’t going to be a game changer but she brings some fun versatility in what is a deceptively tricky to eliminate model, with Redirection and Resilient giving her a good shot at sticking around even if you option for the +2 boost to her attack rather than her defense. That +2 Attack will put her above the curve against most opponents, while adding it to her Defense will make most opposing Kunoichi and Yajiri very sad indeed. The potential for extra cash for the team every game is a nice little bonus – keeping her on the team for 4 Koban per game rather than 6 is a neat little extra.

Shojo isn’t yet available in the Soda Pop’s Online Store, but give her time… she’s probably just stocking up on extra Saki. Keep your ears to the ground, she’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain once the Yamazaru let her through.