Paint The Target

October has ended, November has begun, and it’s time for another Paint The Target gallery and a new challenge! Are you up for it? You too could win a thing! What thing? Who bloody knows, you’ll find out if you win! I’ve been squirreling away prizes for the Lost Hemisphere Prize Pool and someone’s gonna win somethin’! For October we went all seasonal. Your target was to paint something for Autumn (since it’s getting colder here in the Northern Lost Hemisphere) or something for Halloween. Pumpkin Spice Monsters it is! Let’s see what goodies we have for our trick-or-treaters…


Of course, you saw Lostie Carl’s Von Drakk and Nocturne in yesterday’s SDE article. You didn’t? Go back and read it, you cheeky little rapscallions. I’ll wait.


She may not be wearing Ugg’s, but Jakes is about half a grande pumpkin spice latte away from being the quintessential October girl. She’s even got some quilted clothing on there.


Okay, I’m afraid I have to disqualify this entry. Technically, Lostie Drew did have a hand in making this one, but I think a fair portion of the work was done by Mrs Lostie Drew, so well accomplished as it is, it won’t be getting an entry into the prize draw this month, as it cannot be confirmed as fully the work of Lostie Drew. #Technicalities


However, Lostie Drew’s Scarecrow Jack from Super Dungeon Explore is pretty darn amazing.


Fiendil painted an Ashigaru. I’m not quite sure how it fits into the theme. Maybe they’re incendiary rounds, and set everything ablaze, and fire’s orangeish and that’s Autumnal? Sure, that’ll work…


LordBubonicus painted a Danu Warrior from Confrontation. He gets bonus points for pulling a vintage model out of left field!


Ninja Steve got his spook on with a Pistol Wraith!


Noghannan wasn’t pandering to my Australian side by sending in Pyro, honestly… One of the few Australians in mainstream comics, Pyro’s mutant flame control powers would be handy right now warming up my house… except that he’d burn my things.


NotThatOne continues with is amazing work on Trolls, with… a lady in a scarf and boots, with a pumpkin spice hammer. Grissel!


Ranny128 pulled out his zombies for Super Dungeon Explore! It’s the eyes rolling back in the heads that get to me…


Shadowsword751 declared that some leaves must fall, and sent in Elara, disciple of Lyliss, the Nis-Scyir of Autumn.


And then there’s Volt-Ron’s submission… what? In his own words:

“But volt_ron, those models are not scary at all?” I hear you ask. Well sir, allow me to explain:

  1. Those cute and cuddly adorable things are symbiotes.  You know what else is a symbiote? Venom.  You know who else is scary? That’s right, Venom.  Ergo, vis a vis, checkmate, etc…etc.
  2. They are called SymbioBOMBS.  Bombs = scary.
  3. The Tohaa wear symbiote armor. Refer to exhibit 1 above.”


Double Bubble, pink gum trouble, fire’s hot and the hamburglar says “Rubble rubble”… the veil has thinned, and a totes spoopy skellington clattered up to my front door, sold me some cookies, and said “Oh, and Noghannan wins this month.”
Who am I to argue with a messenger from the other side! Of the street, at least… Hey Seth! Send me that mailing address!


CHILL OUT… with the colder weather on the way here in Canuckistan (or indeed, already here) it’s time to be the coolest cats in town. As always, interpret as you will. Cold and Ice? Groovy. Cool and confident posing? Nice. Just chillin’ out and relaxing? Sweet. You’re cool, Homer Simpson. Show me what you got. Even if you’re the only one who thinks it’s cool… that’d good enough for me. I heard that not caring what others think is cool. (*wears one glove and a headband*)

Send in your pics of newly painted shinies to by Noon EST, November 28th. Deadline is deadline, people. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end.

6 Responses to Paint The Target

  1. Eyes on Scarecrow Jack are fantastic.

  2. You didn’t include the haiku with the ashigaru… 🙁

    That was my not-in-the-slightest-bit-justifying-the-theme bit.

    (I didn’t have anything I was about to paint that fitted the theme, and hadn’t painted anything to completion for a while, and did get ashigaru san painted, so wrote a bit of haiku doggerel to keep him company.)

  3. And yeah, in the Dystopian Legions fluff, the ashigaru shotguns fire dragons breath flamethrower rounds.

  4. Avatar dbrown_astro
    dbrown_astro says:

    Yay, bonus points!

    I’ve got a few more Confrontation models knocking around as proxies in my Circle army. The Wolfen make great Warpwolves, and I used one as the basis for a Ghetorix conversion (that I’m still trying to finish).