CaptainCon Fundraiser Update – KR Multicase

 It’s time for another reminder that we’ll be at CaptainCon, raising all the moneyz for the Jimmy Fund! You too can help support cancer research! That’s research into how to combat and/or stop it, not research into its sociopolitical preferences and the role it played in Ancient Crete. KR Multicase believes in you too, and has sent some goodies for you to maybe – just maybe – take home with you if you’re one of the winners in our annual prize draw! As a sponsor of Lost Hemisphere, we always appreciate everything KR Multicase does for us, but right now even moreso. GOODIES!

Every cognizant of the changing nature of gaming and current trends and the like, KR Multicase have sent is a cases suitable for Warmachine as well as cases that are perfect for smaller model count games like Guild Ball, Blood Bowl or Maifaux! Or Arena Rex too, can’t forget those guys…

KR Multicase also apparently decided to mix it up with the foam colours. In the Half Case, seafoam!

In the Aquilla5 (that’s the black one with the zipper), red!

In the Standard card case, moar seafoam and plenty of pluck!

And in the ALHW (Aluminium Half Width), traditional blue! I was so excited to have this for the prize pool that I nabbed one of these for myself as well…

When it comes to safeguarding your miniatures, KR Multicase‘s sturdy cases and incredibly soft foam provide the best in the business, and their ongoing support helps make Lost Hemisphere what it is. If you’re coming to CaptainCon, keep an eye out for these beautiful cases on the prize table for the fundraiser. If you’re not coming to CaptainCon, stroll by their website and see for yourself.