Chibi Wednesday: Howl & Yip (Ninja All Stars)

howlyip_02Imagine you were a solitary ronin. You liked it that way. Accountable to no-one, just doing your ronin thing. Kind of a lone wolf, if you will. Now, imagine you suddenly became responsible for another life. Not just any life, but that of an infant child, a babe in the woods, a mewling cub. Good thing you’re a master swordsman…

Howl & Yip! It’s two ronin in one, though one’s a teeny babe strapped to the back of a kickass duelist with no time for your shenanigans. With both Earth and Fire affinities, Howl is set to take advantage of shrines and trigger his abilities. An Attack of 3 is solid, a defense of 4 is even moreso, but let’s stack on his fancy sword tricks…

Master Swordsman – Opponents neverget assists or back strike bonuses against Howl & Yip. Is it Yip warning Howl of threats from behind? Is it Howl’s own ability to counter a seemingly endless number of opponents simultaneously? Maybe that impressive cranium conceals a complicated sonar system…

Close Combat Master– Rerolling one of your dice whenever you make a combat roll seems like a handy ability to me.

Precision Strike – You know how to really ruin your friend’s day? Choose a Fire result in melee and stun not only yourself and your opponent, but also any friendlies also in your influence zone. Precision Strike means only opposing models get stunned, effectively duplicating the Earth result. Heck yes.

Resilient – Okay, so he’s already rocking 4 Defense, but now whenever he’d be injured, on a successful affinity test – and I’ll remind you, he has two affinities, so it’s a 1:3 chance instead of 1:6 – an Injury is reduced to a Stun, and a Stun is negated entirely.

Tough – Oh, and at the beginning of his activation, if Howl passes an affinity test he gets a Protect token, which he can pitch for the same effects as Resilient.


So not only is he an incredible swordsman, you can’t sneak up on him, you can’t gang up on him, there’s a good chance he’ll have generated a Protect token before you can get to him and even if you manage to get through that high Defense stat and force him to ditch the token, he’s just plain naturally resilient. I personally play Yamazaru – the Monkey clan – and we’re known for being above the curve when it comes to taking a punch, yet Howl & Yip are even harder to get off the board than one of my damn Oni! If you’re looking for a kickass stabby guy who can go the distance while still showing a caring and responsible paternal side, you don’t need to look any further.

This one was fun to paint, but he won’t be staying at the Gdaycave. He’ll be finding his new home as part of the most recent Chibi Swap! You can play along, if chibis are your thing, by joining the group and putting your hand up when the next round of signups commences!