Our Lady of Burnination… on a horse.

With the Protectorate of Menoth Command Book dropping this month, it was only a matter of time before we got word on the stats, etc, for Feora, the Conquering Flame. Not every warcaster brings their own Rapidash to the battlefield! Let’s have a ponderance…

Feora has always been an interesting character to me. Granted, not my favourite Menite warcaster – Amon and Vindictus hold that rank for varying reasons – but it’s undeniable that she’s a woman of rare ambition. One of my very favourite moments of fiction in the entirety of the Iron Kingdoms library was the completion of the first Judicator. Feora  was all set to bond with its cortex, when Vindictus cleared his throat and what followed was a scene of political intensity that had me going “AWW SNAP!”.

Now we have the leader of the Flameguard riding out as, quite literally, a horseman of the Apocalypse… seriously, that’s what her  halberd’s named. The thundering hooves of her steed shall carve a path through the foe, and hellfire and brimstone shall flow in her wake.

Don’t believe me? Let’s have a look at what she brings to the table.

SPD 8? She’s on a horse.
MAT 7? She’s a dab hand with that polearm.
RAT 5? Okay, so it’s a little hard to see out of that helmet.
DEF 14? Fairly agile for someone on a horse.
ARM 18? And you thought all that barding was for show…
CMD 9? She’s in charge of the largest organized military subgroup in the Protectorate.
FOC 6? Any more and she’d be banned in the state of Colorado for blazing too much.

In her hands she holds a Heavy Flame Thrower capable of laying down a 10″ spray  of POW 12 Continuous Fire. Yes, she’s only RAT 5, but she can aim, she can boost, and hey! Continuous Fire! Should it come to melee, she weilds the P+S 14 Apocalypse deftly, again with Continuous Fire (this isFeora we’re talking about) and her trusty Rapidash kicks out at POW 12

And now it gets interesting. 27 Warjack points means that she can happily bring Hand of Judgment and a Devout or a Vigilant with her everywhere she goes without having to dip into the army points. Assault? That means she has a potential 24″ threaat range with that boostable flamethrower, if she Fire Step’s. That’s half the damn board. Cavalry adds a Cavalry Charge and Impact Attacks. If you don’t want to charge, you can still Fire Step for 3″, walk 8″, spray 10″ beyond that, and then she has Reposition to allow for 3″ of movement at the end of her activation. Oh, and she’s immune to fire. Naturally.

Flame Trail is the ability that had me giggling like a maniac when I envisioned the Purifier warjack under Amon Ad Raza, and thus ignoring Free Strikes – When this model advances into base to base contact with an enemy model during its activation that model suffers the continuous fire effect. BURNINATION! (As opposed to Bernie Nation, that’s a political thing). The opportunity to set enemy models ablaze simply by being in their immediate presence is huge. Even as a potential hail mary for a failed Assassination run – You come in swinging, you wail on your foe, but he has a couple of boxes left… Thankfully he’s on fire, and there’s a 66% chance he’s taking a POW12 at the start of his turn before he can do anything, to finish the job.

Her Feat – Clash of Flames – just makes me all the happier. You like the Purifier? Everyone’s a purifier! Bring out the Kicky Monks – not only does every loyal Menite in her control area get the benefits of Incite (+2 to attack and damage rolls against enemy models in her command area – a 9″ bubble around her 50mm base), but everyone’s a Purifier! YOU get Flame Trail! And YOU get Flame Trail! EVERYBODY GETS FLAME TRAIL! Am I the only one who thinks this is amazeballs?

Finally, her spell list. Banishing Ward to get rid of, and protect against, enemy upkeeps and dandruff. Incite to be cast willy-nilly to not only boost her own damage-dealing potential but also everyone nearby. Molten Metal, an automatic 6 damage to any warjack regardless of its armour, and Redline to even *further* up the beatiness of a warjack in her battlegroup (admittedly at the cost of a few burnt out fuses), and then there’s Fire Step…

Every enemy model within 2″ takes a POW13 fire damage roll, and then Feora is placed within 3″ of her current location. Want to nuke a densely packed group of infantry? Bam. Want to add a slap in the face to that failed assassination charge we talked about earlier? Bam. Want to clear out potential SacPawn targets when you finally decide it’s time to teach Vindictus a lesson? Ba… wait, they Zealots prayed for immunity to fire. Crap. Dammit, Vindictus…

Frankly, I must admit that I love how a post about how fond I am of what I’m reading about Feora3 turned around to Vindictus thwarting her again… Ah, my favourite warcaster with a penchant for cosplaying a faberge egg… One way or another, good times ahead this month for Menites. (*beams*)