The Dreamer and the Twilight Sisters

In the aftermath of GenCon we see more and more Grymkin sneaking through into our world. Grim nightmares clambering from the fetid morass in which they dwell, horrors beyond imagining and… wait… this one’s not horrific at all. I mean the Cage Rager (which we’ve looked at as part of Wicked Harvest week) is all gribbly and stuff, granted, but the Dreamer and her Phantasms seem to be made from fluffier stuff…and the Twilight Sisters, well, neither is horrific so much as one seeks to get her hands on your savings account and the other just wishes you’d visit her in the nursing home… Let’s have a look at what we have here.

Let’s start with the Dreamer herself. She brings with her from la-la land her mouse winterguardsman, her pumpkin lancer, and the most huggable damn titan ever. Sorry, Agonizer fans…

This shot wasn’t really necessary, but hey, fluffy titan butt.

I think the Dreamer’s body – as much as there’s a few filaments here and there that need to be trimmed off – shows the strength of resin casting as opposed to metal. The Harbinger of Menoth remains one of my favourite models visually, but her flowing robes were multiple pieces. That so much of the Dreamer’s piece is a single component is pretty sweet.

The Dreamer goes backless. Each hand joins on at the elbow, and she’s got a leg to pop in there as well.

The moons don’t have any pegs or keys, but you’ll spot in the curls of the Dreamer’s gown recesses for the tips of the moons, or in this case, a shallow cradle for the moon to rest in.

HE’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE! Or you might, he does have Bulldoze after all, you may find yourself being fed to a Gorehound

You could say he’s… frilled… to meet you. See what I did there??…. pfft. My talents are wasted on you lot.

The most adorable little Kapitan ever comes with a separate metal tail. Don’t throw it out when you’re clearing chaff from the clamshell box.

The Pumpkin Lancer, just in time to be a Pumpkin Spice Lancer with Fall rapidly approaching North America, comes with a mrtal spear and a resin shield. The Shield has two socket to line it  up, and a single for the spear, though the hole is cleverly hidden but the watermark, and I didn’t realise it until literally as I’m typing this paragrapgh. It’s there at the top where the O and S meet. Trust me. (*doesn’t look shifty at all*)

The Twilight Sisters come in a blister, and… wait, they’re all jumbled and laying on pieces… hang on…

There’s that’s better. Heidrun and Agrona are very quick and easy to assemble. Head, arm and leg socket in nicely.

See? I think the ladle sells it for me. Now, you will note the hat is still sitting off to the side. It’s mean to be on the head of our crone, pointed backwards, but…

… it’s a very versatile piece, and I encourage you to play with it! Forward, backwards, Heidrun, Agrona – do as you will! Twilight approacheth, channel  your inner milliner and do the thing!

The Dreamer, the Cage Rager and the Twilight Sisters are all August releases for your Grymkin horde. Hit up your FLGS and/or your preferred online retailer, and get your adorable, fluffy creep on.