Murder Crows

One of the facets of the Grymkin that intrigues me most is how there’s different Grymkin beasties and whatnot for … not necessarily specific vices and crimes, but they’re certainly focused, and in some cases pretty narrowly. The Piggybacks come for those who go fat on the labors of others. The Hollow Men for military oathbreakers and deserters. Dread Rots for selfish and greedy farmers and the like. The Murder Crows, though? Man, you better not be a dodgy accountant, or a tax collector lining your own pockets with a little retirement nest egg, lest you find one of these apparitions lurking on balcony, perched in the shadows, waiting to introduce you to a pair of forearms that remind me of the spiky things you use to dig crab meat out of its carapace.

The Murder Crows are a small squad, only 6 members, but with Advance Deploy, Stealth and Pathfinder, they’re excellent infiltrators. Don’t be mislead by the fairly bleh P+S9 on their claws. Instead, consider that they have both Gang and Prey. Choose your target wisely, charge in, and each is suddenly hitting with an effective MAT 10 and P+S 13 with magical claws on the charge. The Murder Crows aren’t a club to be wielded in wide, brutal swings, but a surgical instrument. Their success or failure on the battlefield will be determined based on canny deployment and careful selection of prey. Will you choose wisely or poorly?

Crack open the box and you’ll find everything neatly packed and sorted into component types. Thanks, Mysterious Packer!

The metal components are fairly straighforward. Each head, some arms and legs. Of the four heads with the shorter nooses, one does not have bandages wrapped around the beak. This is your unit leader’s head.

Sprue one has three of what I’m going to refer to as the “Single Ladies” Crows (you’ll see why in a moment) and the crouched unit leader, with his cape splayed out behind him.

Sprue two holds the other two sculpts. If they weren’t stopped at the shoulders, I’d accuse them of standing at attention with some sort of military acumen. Mind you, I know nothing about the spinal curvature of Murder Crews, maybe they *are* at attention.

The longer nooses go with our attentive Murder Crows. I love the detailing on the quilted garb. I could even see these painted up in twisted harlequin motley, jesters of a long forgotten court laughing at jokes that no-one else finds funny…

If you liked it then you should have put long spikey forearms on it… the “Single Ladies” get a metal leg, head and arm.

And then there’s our unit leader, crouching in the shadows, perched on a bunch of crates… There’s a couple of Dragon Forge Design bases I could see him looming nicely on…


The Murder Crows are in stores now – either your FLGS or preferred online retailer can point you at the shadowy figures in the corner of your eye, when you ask “Why the long face?”