Zevanna Agha, the Fate Keeper

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way crashes through the forest belching smoke and waking up the neighbours with heavy footfalls and the raucous calls of crows backed up by occasional bouts of cackling. Zevanna Agha, who’s responsible for all these Grymkin suddenly running around and making the wicked actually, I dunno, pay for their unseen crimes in rather macabre ways, has upgraded to a new model Scrapjack and wants to tell your future with her makeshift orrery. I mean, sure, everyone loves the idea of working from home, but she may have taken it a step too far to mount her home on a warjack…

Khador’s first Battle Engine Warcaster is perhaps more worthy of the term than many of the others. A chariot? Sure, that’s a thing, but an oversized warjack? Ooh, now we’re talking.

The Fate Keeper’s model is largely resin, with only a handful of metal components. One of the neatest component design conceits is the rings that will surround the globe at the model’s peak. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Many of the components have shaped keys to help you align things properly, such as the hip joints. That the legs in their entirety are single components is pretty magical No separate toes!

Similarly, the… boiler, for lack of a better term, will pop on with a shaped key, once you remove that resin plug. Whats that? Why didn’t I remove the plug? I’ll get to that in a minute too. There’s a little cleanup of mold lines – remember, this is resin. Wear a facemask, and shave with a blade rather than filing. You don’t want to be breathing this stuff in.

Speaking of the “boiler” portion for a second, this is just a lovely, lovely chunk of resin. Just beautiful detail.

Something the size of Scrapjack needs a bunch of exhausts. He must fart a lot. Toot-Toot! I’m a big jack now!

And then you get the one chimney where the cover was designed my a bad metallurgist with a mushroom obsession. It plugs into the pipework right there.

Now, I mentioned the rings earlier. What you see here is the globe and all three rings, cast as two components. You’ll have some clipping to do to clean them all up and make them ready for assembly, but as a means of getting you your components with their structural integrity intact? Why, yes, I think that is just dandy.

Behold, Immoren.

And then there’s a bird perched on one of them, because it’s the Old Witch of Khador and of course there is.

Privateer has very nicely given us the option of a lantern with or without a Gremlin peeping tom. Plus side, if you use the regular lantern, the one with the Gremlin will be a great addition to a Grymkin-themed scenery piece.

The head is big and gorgeous, there is an array of metal handrails that go around the upper balcony, a telescope, and…

.. the crone herself, looking frankly magnificent.

Now, I haven’t assembled her because she’s going into the LH Prize Pool for… you guessed it, the annual fundraiser! We’ll be doing it again at CaptainCon in February, so stay turned for more information in the very near future…

In the meantime, if you don’t want to wait to try your luck in the fundraiser, you can always check out your local store or preferred online vendor to keep your own fates…

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  1. If you have your Old Witch 1 painted that model sits nicely on the new scrap jack.