One last GenCon Postmortem: Ninja Division

 Okay, so I’m running late with this one, but I’ll just have to trust you to forgive me. While I was at GenCon I was able to sit down for a chat with Ninja Division Honcho John Cadice, about Rail Raiders Infinite, Relic Knights, Starfinder and more. You can listen at your covenience, but beware: This *was* recorded at GenCon, so the background hubbub is ridiculous, and our voices were fading. Also, I was apparently talking really fast. I’m not sure if that was because at the time of recording I was running on caffeine and adrenaline, or if I was just happy to be sitting down for a brief spell.

Conveniently, NInja Division make their booth easy to find.

As usual, Marie Claude was on site dressed as dramatis personae from Ninja Division games.

Among the many shinies were a stock of Rail Raiders Infinite. If you haven’t received your Kickstarter copy and the expansions yet, keep up to date with the email updates to have an idea when you can expect yours to arrive.

I was lucky enough to score a copy and will have articles soon! Playtesting has been fun.

The Takoashi girls joined SDE – Read more here:

I am very eagerly awaiting SDE 2.0 and the metric craptonne of chibis it will add to my pile of unpainted models…

… especially with new sculpts of the heroes on the way!

Of course, I still  have to paint all of my Kinoshrooms…

Captain R leading pirate-themed zombies? All it took were hats and bandanas to tie it all together. Beautiful!


Yes, Drew, you and Elizabeth rock 🙂