What does the Fox say?

Ring-a-ding-ding, that’s what! Behold yon Kitsune Clan Oni from NInja All-Stars! Am I abandoning my mountain monkeys for the forest foxes? Has my Yamazaru Chunin been brough low by Kitsune Kunoichi? No! This fantastic fox is my latest contribution for the Chibi Paint Swap group on Facebook. Exchange #10 is called “Spoopy Tails”, asking for spooky and animal models! Luck of the draw meant I got to paint a model for [REDACTED] , and I’ve always been fond of the Kitsune Clan Oni.

And of course, once you add a gorgeous Dragon Forge Design base, it’s Fox Ninja Magic

The Chibi Paint Swap is a recurring community thingummy on facebook where participants sign up and get to paint chibi models for someone else. We’ve done similar things at my old FLGS, through forums and the like, and I’ve always loved the opportunity to paint a special model for someone and surprise them with some Gdaybloke niftiness, and of course, someone else will send me a thing too. It’s all about being part of a larger community and heck, it means I get to paint outside of my comfort zone, and any bonus motivation to get paint on my pile of Ninja Division chibis is a good time.

Rules-wise, the Oni is the heaviest hitter in the Kitsune Clan roster. Given that the clan is otherwise geared for sneaky technical play, having something that can break some bones is a good thing. The Oni is one of the faster big guys in NInja All-Stars, with only the Tanchyo Oni being faster. Movement 5 keeps him skittering across the nightingale floors, Attack 4 slices and dices, Defense 3 keeps him on the board along with the Resilient trait backing that up by allowing the Oni to disregard wounds on a successful Affinity Test. As a bonus, the Spirit Senses ability means that with his twitching little black nose, the Oni can sniff out hidden enemies, stripping them of their stealth. Oh, look, now your entire clan can now see that sneaky Ika Kaiken and schmuck him.

In terms of painting, in retrospect I would have painted the solid, studded bands of the body armour and pauldrons to match the forearms, but hey – I do have a *second* Kitsune Oni to paint at some point… I’m happy with the fur 🙂

Keep on painting….