MiniCrate: October – The Swamp Siren

Happy Friday, Losties! A quick one today, as we slide into the weekend. All around the world, happy little WarmaHordesers are hearing a clunk in their mailboxes as Privateer Press’ own subscription box venture, Mini-Crate! It’s very exciting, knowing that every month I can expect an exclusive mystery miniature, a reimagining of Warmachine and Hordes models, something new and interesting to paint, perhaps whimsical, perhaps twisted. Okay, the sheep onesie’s a bit much, but I gotta say I really like the Swamp Horror, and I’m jonesing for the Feralgeist of Christmas Past…

(if you click the box it’ll totes take you to the Mini-Crate website. No foolin’!)

The Swamp Horror – or should I say, Swamp Siren – is the inaugural model, but for subscribers who singed on for the 6 month bundle by the deadline, there’s also Di Wulfe in Sheep’s Clothing.

What is it with onesies nowadays? Everyone seems to have one but me… Di Wulfe In Sheep’s Clothing is a proxy model for Gorman Di Wulfe, with a cheeky provocatrice revealing an armored bustiere loaded with alchemical grenades. It’s a cute model, and it’ll be interesting trying to paint the wool texture, but….

.. the Swamp Siren’s got class. A little sultry, as far as betentacled monstrosities go, but a fantastic alternate take on the Swamp Horror. The metal arm does not mean she was kept hidden in a Russian facility, on ice, only to be released when Tony Stark’s parents needed to be silenced.

I don’t know if the thing in her hand is a baby swamp horror, one of the slug things from the X-Man Maggott, or her sushi lunch, but the ridging – and that on her own head – has me wondering if Swamp Horrors and Tatzylwurms are related as species… TO THE MONSTERNOMICON!


The clock is ticking for the next Mini-Crate, with a little under three weeks to subscribe for The Geist of Christmas Yet To Come, a Dickensian Feralgeist that really realllybelongs in Faultie’s Gentleman Gators army… Are you signed up?

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  1. Avatar Chris Mac
    Chris Mac says:

    Love the swamp siren, I wish I’d gotten in on it.