Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears

With No Quarter Prime #2 hitting shelves, we’re about to be inundated with a preponderance of white fur and chilly warriors. No, Michael “Chilly” Winters, I’m not talking about you… but you’re welcome of course 😉  Today we’re unboxing the Northkin Bear Handler and Battle Bears.  Does that imply that there is a Northkin Bear Handler with other types of bears? Perhaps you could go to a Northkin bed & breakfast, to find your bacon and egss being prepared by Breakfast Bears, or maybe on the coastline when the waves are up there are Boarding Bears. What do I know? I’m a Menite from lands much farther to the South.

Four chunks of resin, four pieces of metal. Ah, balance… I was quite pleased at how little cleanup is required on the models. Aside from the plugs under the bear’s feet, literally the only piece I had to clip was on the Handler’s left wrist.

As a very pleasant surprise, Walkie-Talkie Bear is a single piece, no assembly required. Beware the Walkie-Talkie Bear, my son, the jaws that bite, the claws that snatch…

All-Fours Bear uses up two of the metal components in the kit.

An armored back to protect him from Griffon attack or Khadoran children who are keen to ride the “growly fat horse”, All-Fours Bear is less likely to be painted with a belly icon representing his care bear stare.

And then there’s the Bear Handler himself. Four pieces, and as mentioned, a small rectangular tab on his left wrist that needs to be clipped off before attaching his left hand.

Once assembled he’s a beautifully dynamic model, though I’m not sure if he’s planning on throwing that axe or just removing a limb up close and personally. Either way, he and the bears will be going into the Lost Hemisphere prize pool. CaptainCon’s approaching, Losties…

The Northkin Bear Handler and Battle Bears are a November release from Privateer Press. Politely harangue your FLGS or preferred online retailer to get yours.22