Northkin Raiders

Isn’t it nice to have back-to-back Northkin unboxings, with none of those darn Cygnarans around? What, is my faction bias showing? 😉 Today we continue, with the Northkin Raiders. Anyone planning on painting them in Oakland or Canberra colours has my blessing, and I demand pics. The Raiders continue to reinforce something I’ve said about the Trollbloods for a long time: This faction has some of the most fun and characterful sculpts in the entire damn game. That they’re all armed with swords and hand grenades is completely beside the point.

I’m never quite certain what to expect when I open boxes nowadays, as Privateer moves more and more away from white metal and towards resin and plastic. This box had a bunch of bases and arms (and one head) in a baggie, and several sprues of resin wrapped in bubble wrap. Remember, kids, resin means no using needle files and the like. Hobby safely.

Six sprues make up the nine grunts in the unit, so you get three of each pose. Each joins at the waist. Two have the plug on the leg section, and one has it on the torso. Sorting them out is quick and simple once they’re off the sprues.

The white metal components have the sword arms for all nine grunts, and the head, sword and grenade arm for the unit leader, who has his own sprue. Darn elitist unit leaders…

For a closeup I thought we’d look at this handsome lad. There’s some cleanup required – clipping tabs and a little shaving with a hobby knife (again, shave, don’t file – use a blade) – but it’s very quick and straightforward. Note that the plug for the socket in the metal forearm has a resin channel coming directly off of it. Always examine your components, you don’t want to accidentally trim off a plug you’ll need.

And in the end, you get this magnificent, shirtless bastard. Look at him.


That’s just a damn fun model all over. I’m also very impressed that they were even able to cast the head in resin along with the body, rather than having it as a separate piece.

The Northkin Raiders are a November release, and totally appropriate as the colder weather settles in up here in the wilds of Canuckistan. You should  ping your FLGS or preferred online retailer before it gets too chilly.