I’ve been largely quiet on the CID’s, in part because the rules presented are in flux, in part because I’m not in a position to play a dozen games with each iteration to develop an informed opinion of just how well balanced certain models really are compared to initial knee-jerk reactions. That said, when we see sculpts, I get excited.  I’ll freely admit that in my gaming life right now I’m more of a hobbyist than a player, so seeing new figures is exciting to my old man nerd heart.

In the last few days we’ve had the digital sculpts for a number of the Man-O-War CID models hit the floor and, given that the very first model I ever bought for Warmachine was a Khadoran Manhunter (yes, my first faction was Searforge before I discovered the True Law and became a devout Menite, but a Manhunter was the first model I owned), you can colour me intrigued.  I’ve always loved how Warmachine  and Hordes factions can be split up into subthemes and subfactions (eg, Cyrgnar can loosely be split into Trenchers, Stormnouns and Gun Mages, Circle Orboros can be split into Druids and Tharn, etc), and while the Winter Guard and Iron Fangs never held much appeal for me, I’ve long been a fan of the far extremes of Khador’s military might – the Man-O-War and the Kossites. So until they run a Kossite CID, we’ll just drool a little over Man-O-War models.

Disclaimer: Any rules and abilities are based on the CID docs, may not be the same as the final rules released.

Sorscha rides high on my list of favourite Khadoran Warcasters, delivering the icy chill of despair to all who dare face her. I love the armature-mounted cannon – with Arcing Fire, nonetheless – and she still has Frostfang as her preferred melee weapon. You can bulk the heck out of the girl’s armour, but you can’t take away her iconic icepick. Stoke The Firesgives her the potential to speed up her warjacks, and being able to Wind Rushto a target to maximize Flank with her Man-O-War’s means someone’s getting smacked in the head.

I will note that while every other suit of Man-O-War armour has an expanded belly plate to allow for all that extra uiskegut that most Khadorans develop (I guess), her suit manages to cinch in at the waist. Now, every suit of Warcaster armour is custom built for the wearer, whereas most Man-O-War armour is built to a static template, so now I’m wondering if the original engineers and the test subjects were all just portly, and now there’s a bunch of ripped muscle jockeys in steamsuits that have a cavity around the midriff big enough for them to shove their young’uns in for Bring-Your-Kids-To-Work Day…

The Strike Tanker (and its pal the Suppression Tanker) apparently decided that Khadoran armour wasn’t tough enough already, added a pair of shields making for a damn near immovable bulkhead, and then strapped some firepower on top. Armour piercing with Siege Weapon means that this fellow is going to be in demand against Colossals, Gargantuans and Battle Engines.

Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich just looks amazing. Like Drago, Vlad’s favourite warjack, got anthropomorphized and switched his axes for a pair of ice mauls. The Man-O-Wars have always always wavered between pseudo-comical and badass for me, but there is nothing about Dragadovich’s sculpt that makes me think I don’t need to take him seriously on the tabletop. A pair of P+S16’s with Critical Freeze being swung at MAT 8? Ouch. Stack it with Shatter and the ability to give the Demo Corp both Vengeance and Defensive Line and a once per game mini-feat akin to the Exemplar Bastion’s damage-sharing? Something’s gonna get wrecked.

It’s.. It’s like Damiano got himself some Man-O-War armour! Sure, he has three battle plans that he can issue to any Man-O-War units within 10″ (bumped out to 12″ by the Standard Bearer), sure he lets Man-O-War units in range ignore each other for the purposes of LOS and movement (a huge deal for Medium base models and as far as I’m concerned making this guy an auto-include in Man-O-War lists), but it’s the ostentatious armour that’s won me over. Can you imagine using this guy as an PC in the IKRPG? That’s be amazing! Call me odd, but I totally can’t even with this guy.


There are other new Man-O-War toys in the wings – including the new Man-O-War battle engines, the Siege Chariot and Assault Chariot – so as badly as Megg’s Man-O-Wars beat me at Company of Iron at CaptainCon, I’m very much looking forward to the finalized Man-O-War rules. Bring the heavy armour! We’re not expecting to see these guys in the flesh, so to speak, for a few months yet, but damn… How many Man-O-War armies are we expecting on the table at GenCon?

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  1. Man-o-wars are what got many of us into Warmachine; and their lack of love in Mark2 was why many, including myself, left. Between their place in Company of Iron and these new toys, I might find myself back at the Steamrollers.