Lock & Load 2018!

It’s Lock & Load weekend! I’m not there, but many peeps are, and we wish them groovy gaming times. It’s sucky for those of us who can’t be there, but we’re not completely left out of the shenaniganry! Privateer Press will be streaming several streamy things for us all to enjoy, from gameplay to Iron Painter. The Keynote is, of course, bright and early this morning at 9:00AM PST – which is Noon for me, and I’ll be at work, but hopefully someone will let me know what’s going on…

We’ll be sharing things on the Lost Hemisphere Facebook feed as we’re able, and those of you who are all giddy and stuff about convention prereleases should be able to snaffle them off of Privateer’s online store at LINKY! Remember to preorder your Shrines of the Lawgiver to get your free oven mitts!

Crisp high fives to the first people to pick up Cyrenia and get her painted!

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Oh, and don’t forget to ogle all the Crucible Guard stuffs in War Room. Someone playtest MonPoc 2.0 and smuggle me some Martian Menace!