Man-O-War Strike Tanker

So you’ve got a whole bunch of troops in steam-powered armour. They’re like undersized warjacks, except they’ve actually got people inside them. You’ve saved the empire mucho dinarii, since these walking tanks don’t need cortexes like warjacks. Sure, now and again a seal pops and the pilot gets steamed alive, but their widows get a pension, and you’re a Khadoran! Life is brutal and occasionally involves pretending your’e a lobster! Who knows how many dirty Cygnarans have been trampled beneath the iron-clad boots. Your creations march to war! And then once day, the Empress herself visits your factory, sees all you make, the glorious Man-O-Wars, and she’s… just not impressed. She’s over it. Meh.

There’s only one thing to do…

MAKE A BIGGER MAN-O-WAR!!!!! And slap a dirty great cannon on it! And protect your creation with shields big enough that it can totally pretend to be a bulldozer! The pilot won’t even need to make “Brrrm brrm!” sounds,the engine on this thing will do it for him! Yeah,we’re unboxing a Man-O-War Strike Tanker… Brrm brrm

Continuing the awesome trend of the vast bulk of the model being a single resin component, the Strike Tanker comes in 7 components, with the hose for the cannon and the kneepads being the only metal parts.

No separate legs, no separate shoulders, not even a separate head. Some cleanup required,sure, but a small price to pay for this awesome looking gribbly.

The Shields come with arms attached, and spikes ready to encourage the Llaelese Resistance to see how much better they are with their kingdom dissolved in the name of the Khadoran Empire.

The arms have a central peg to pop into the shoulder socket that will help ensure it’s facing forward – True Sons Of Khador Never Retreat! – but you’ve got a little pivot room.

And then there’s the Boominator… and the three metal pieces of the kit.

The cannon sits over the pipe on the carapace. There’s a golden spot where the mount will sit just right, to ensure your shells shoot straight at that nasty Carnivean charging over the hill at you.

The hose may need a little bending, but plugs into the underside of the cannon and the back of the shield. I’m not 100% sure of the mechanical dynamics of why the two pieces are connected by a hose,but then, I’m nor a Battle Mechanik.

And then there’s his knees. Bendy leg bits, donchaknow.


Frankly, it’s a great kit, and perfect for reminding Cygnarans that steam power is where it’s at, not that flash-in-the-pan electricity that Nemo plays with. Get yours from your FLGS or preferred online retailer.

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  1. Avatar pRophaniti1978
    pRophaniti1978 says:

    The hose will contain a cable for the trigger. Like they do in real life 😉