Adorable resin

Continuing with ogling potential GenCon purchases, Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are making a solid play for my wallet with their recent released. The resin Masterclass models have been coming thick and fast in recent months, including the centaur villain Hecate Vilehorn, her counterpart centaur the Celestial Healer, and the oddly heroic undead Gloomborn Champion. Combined with upgrade decks being released to bring the Ninja All-Stars clans into the dungeons and the new Doomseeker card game, a visit to the Ninja Division booth at GenCon was already on the cards (and not just because Drew would never forgive me if I didn’t visit while he was helping coordinate the Golden Kobold chibi painting contest).

Adding to the lure are two more recent releases, and a model that will be seeing the light of the public day for the very first time at GenCon. The Gnomish Excavator, the Star Guild Rock Singer, and the Crystal Weaver.

I’m not sure what to think of Gnomes in the Super Dungeon universe. I mean, yes, the Excavator is a dungeon boss, the deranged creation of a mad, possibly homicidal short guy in a pointy hat, but does that really mean it’s evil? … Alright fine, it’s a dungeon boss, it’s a bad guy… but damn it’s cute!

We were introduced to the Star Guild with the Star Guild Sapper, one of my favourite heros. The Rock Singer is a sweet support hero with magic zaps and a potion that heals. The fact that she can hit targets around corners with Hookshot as she steers rocks with her song is just a bonus.

A scuttling crystalline creation, the Crystal Weaver is a mini-boss, scuttling its way around the dungeons of Clockwork Cove and the Frostbyte Reach. The result of more psychpathic mad gnome engineering, it has the potential to be the prettiest mini-boss to date. Drew, I’m looking at you…

The House Phoenix Pugilist will be released at GenCon as well, so you know I’m leaving GenCon with *something* from Ninja Division. The only question is, what?