Monsterpocalypse launch starters and blisters

Okay, so this is kinda a GenCon post and kinda an unboxing. GenCon resulted in my eagerly flicking my gaze across two different Monsterpocalypse Starters – the Planet Eaters and G.U.A.R.D. – and after playing a demo it was pretty clear that the destruction of puny humans was on my agenda… Nevertheless, there are two boxes, and you need to see them so that you can get hype. Over the next few months we’re going to see the return of the Shadow Sun Syndicate, Terrasaurs, Lords of Cthul, and the Martian Menace. I, for one, welcome our new flying saucer overlords, and am eager to unleash the pew-pew.

Below you’ll find unboxings of the Monsterpocalypse releases from GenCon, but first, I got chat with Will “Oz” Schoonover from Privateer Press about the Monsterpocalypse relaunch…


Rulebook, tokens, dice, cards – Each box comes with everything you need to build our force, sans paint and glue.

Starter buildings are cardstock. At GenCon these were wrapped around wood for bonus durability.

The rulebook is comprehensive, with plenty of examples of the whacky (yes, as opposed to wacky) things you can to with your monsters, peppered with reminders of what happens when you let mad scientists combine dinosaur DNA with linebackers.

Heavy cardstock rubble, for the discerning collapsed building

The maps are double sided, and may end up laminated. Don’t judge me! You don’t know me!

Alright, now the juicy part… miniatures!

Your starter units are three chompers and a crawler. Pics, of course, taken before cleanup. Some unfortunate mold slip on that one fellow, but beyond that, these guys are adorable.

When your entire reason for existence is to wobble around belching acid on things, you have to wonder – are you truly an autonomous being, or just part of the digestive system of a larger metabeast?

No acid belching for the Crawler… instead, it parks on power zones and blows up when attacked. The hard, armoured shell means it can camp on those nodes quite happily until it’s time to blow up and kill its attackers.

Goghadra has no time for your silly games! Gorghadra busy trying to get ahead in life!

Oh, NVM, there it is… and enormous pincers! Spoiler alert: Clipping off some of those resin channels is going to require some careful shaving (you should *never* file resin without breathing protection) and since I’m horrible at hobbying, should probably involve some putty when I cut off too much…

GenCon also had blisters for fun times and shenaniganry! Chompers, Destructomites and Explodohawks join the Planet Eaters.

Explodohawk! Swoopy boom-death on shiny wings!

Destructomites: What happens when you offer tardigrades and feed them after midnight.

Okay, Chompers are way cuter than they have any business being…

Don’t worry, Protectors, I didn’t forget you…

See? You get all the same fun stuff that the Destroyers get, even if your models aren’t spawned by a six-tailed comet.

If you chose to be a Protector, you have more work ahead of you. Assembly required!

Defender X, oh he of the launchable fists, comes in six pieces.

Legs… for stomping!

Chest and Shoulders… for housing critical systems! Complete with Fusion Cannon!

Enormous rocket pack… for … um… rocketing?

Tiny upper arms belie the punchiness. Lazers on the side of your head is are a bonus.

G-Tanks bring the pew pew, and the Repair Truck can actually repair destroyed buildings.

Each is a two-part model; a dab of glue, and your turret is in place!

From the blisters at GenCon, G.U.A.R.D. fans picked up packs of four Strike Fighters and a Rocket Chopper.

Like the ground vehicles, the chopper is a two-parter. Careful clipping that feed off the central blade hub.

Strike fighters make me question the laws of aerodynamics, but with enough turbines, anything can go fwoosh!

The flight stands are crystal clear… until I try to paint the model and get spatter everywhere šŸ˜‰

Yeah, I couldn’t resist… I had to build things!

As mentioned, I really should add some putty to smooth out that claw… but I will say that building these guys was straightforward, fun, and they look so damn cool…

It was a hoot watching (and playing in) demos at GenCon, but of course, there was one more model released…

Even Cthugrosh gets thirsty! This year’s RAM model was Brewgrosh, the Lord of Cthulager…

Three pieces? Why, even *I* can handle that!

At the time of writing painting has commenced. The main challenge will be discerning mouth-tentacles from booze…

The base of the vat has a shaped footprint to help with alignment of all things tentacley.

Shaped wing sockets also keep things nice and simple.

Behold the beery goodness! Now, what should I paint on the store facade…

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  1. What should you paint on the store facade?
    That, good sir, is allegedly the RAM Brewgrosh has found seating upon…

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      Oh, Iā€™m well aware – I dine at the Ram every year – but Iā€™m under no obligation to adhere to official paint schemes šŸ˜‰

  2. why should i have this? give me one good reason!
    i have all the original stuff and do not bother painting, my painting is cr… anyway. the originals
    look great, original rules are fine, i still play MOPO 3-4 times a year..after 10 years!!