Brush Wielders Union: Coming soon…

There’s a bunch of people I admire and look up to in the gaming community. One of them is Simon Berman. He was my main contact at Privateer Press for many years, and even though he and his magnificent beard are off undertaking other adventures nowadays, he’s still working to promote great games and support the community.

When Simon started testing the waters about creating a support community for painters, to say that my interest was piqued is an understatement. Yesterday, the Brush Wielders Union pledge was released on social media. It’s a call to arms for gamers, an exhortation to pick up that brush. Even if you’re a mediocre painter, it’s an aspect of the hobby that enhances the experience for you, for your opponents. It can be a challenge, it can be tough, it can be a heck of a grind… but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

The real selling point though, for me, is in the middle paragraphs.

“I know that every painter is doing their best. I pledge to support my fellow brush wielders at every step of their journey.”

Not everyone is a master of the airbrush. Not everyone is exceptional at two-brush blending. Non-Metallic Metal? That just sounds like sorcery… but every person who picks up a brush and applies it to a model? They’re creating. They’re expressing. Regardless of the end results, those models they finish are an achievement, and every model they’ve painted is one more than the guy who hasn’t picked up a brush at all.

Encourage each other, support each other. Recognize the effort that’s been put in. Uplift. Look at that bold line in the middle of the graphic.

“I will not be a jerk to other painters and gamers.”

On that note: Painting isn’t for every one. Some people love gaming for the social aspect, the strategic elements, the competitive challenge – but painting just isn’t their jam… and that’s okay too. In your support of painters, recognize those who just don’t grok painting. If you yourself are not into painting, consider turning to your friends that are, or to one of army painting services out there. Playing with a painted army is a more rewarding experience for both sides of the table – you and your opponent.

More and more over the years I find that painting is where I get the most enjoyment and satisfaction out of my nerd time. I’m very interested in seeing where Mr Berman’s new project leads.