Monsterpocalypse: Lords of Cthul

Oh, you fools! You thought the Planet Eaters were the only threat to your pitiful existence? Your giant G.U.A.R.D. roots and Shadow Sun Syndicate Zors are out there defending your cities from the threat from beyond the stars, but what about the corruption that lies within? The Lords of Cthul are  breaking forth from your subconscious, otherdimensional elder things summoned by cultists and slithering forth to wreak havoc on your dewey-decimal system, and those who cling to order can only succumb to the pervasive tides of madness…

Who’s excited to drop Cthugrosh on a few G-Tanks?

Let’s start with the big fellow. Cthugrosh is entirely resin. Not made out of old cheese, no matter what G.U.A.R.D. propoganda would have you believe.

7 components, one elder thing, and (admittedly) a bit of work ahead cleaning it all up.

Cthugrosh’s body nestles atop a bed of tentacles that, actually, will make it a lot easier to paint in separate components, since the green portion will just park neatly top the purple.

Mouth tentacles are mouthy, and the arms socket neatly at the shoulders, positioned with a central nodule to help keep everything aligned.

The wings have shaped sockets with plenty of contact area for the glue, no need for pinning despite their being pinions. HAH! Pinning pinions… wordplay… that actually really wasn’t that funny. Ah well.

The Task Master comes with four Spitters in its blister. Despite what the name would suggest, I don’t believe they’re related to llamas or camels in any way.

Each Spitter is a single piece model. Remember, one of them will be an Elite Spitter – plan your paint scheme accordingly.

The Task Master looks like a mini, malnourished Cthugrosh. Eat your veggies, kids. There are elder horrors out there that would kill for a hot dinner. Literally. I mean, they’re elder horrors, after all.

The Squix come three to a blister, along with the Meat Slaves. That is not a name that conjures images of deliciousness in my head.

Yup, can confirm, that ain’t delicious. A bloated, mishapen being, this meat slave was once a mailman. Now he delivers tentacley horrors.

Speaking of, the Squix require some assembly. Each is a four part model, making them the most parts intensive Monsterpocalypse units to date. All that, and the Squix has to go about its days dragging its mouth tentacles along the ground in front of it. Poor Squix.

Now, the Lords of Cthul enter the fray this month through your FLGS and preferred online retailer, but consider also this…


I’m still hanging out for the Martian Menace to launch their invasion, but I’m super excited to have this model fully painted and ready to slurp either some suds, or the souls of mankind. Either or, really.