Necromunda: The Fancy Dans are ready to rumble

Last CaptainCon – so February – I picked up Necromunda. Driven by nostalgia, I was chuffed to revisit one of the best games ever to come out of Games Workshop. Back in April I completed a test model, and the first few gangers. Real life happened and the project sat aside for awhile, but I’m pleased to report that Fancy Dans are finally ready to fight their way through the Underhive.

The Fancy Dans are an Orlock gang, and have a love of autoguns. When not spending their cash on moustache wax, keeping their ammo drums loaded with bullets to keep those pesky Goliaths out of their territory is one of their favorite pastimes.

Dan is the leader of the Fancy Dans. He rules the gang with an iron fist – literally – but still believes in indulgences, and encourages the gang members to watch episodes of Steven Universe in their downtime. Taniel slings the Fancy Dan’s Heavy Stubber, but he has dreams of one day getting his hands on a Cawdor Heavy Crossbow. He just thinks they’d make a great *thunk* sound.

Danyal and Deiniol haven’t graduated to bigger guns yet, and stick to getting up close and personal with their combat knives and autopistols. Danyal’s moustache hasn’t grown in yet, so he wears an atmospheric follicle enthuser over his lower face to encourage its development. Deiniol’s has grown in nicely.

Daniil and Danilo may not have been born to the same family, but they’re pretty much inseperable… and insufferable. Daniil’s love of practical jokes is rivaled only by Danilo’s addiction to Cowboy Pop songs, which he sings. Incessantly.

Danjal doesn’t say much. He also puts little effort into grooming his facial hair, but his enthusiasm with that combat shotgun has pulled the gang’s synth-bacon out of the frying pan more than once, so he’s given a pass on mediocre grooming. Danko hasn’t proven as useful in a firefight, but his voice is several octaves lower than most, so he reads the bedtime stories when it’s time for the gang to rest, and everyone’s out and having a good night’s sleep in no time. Never underestimate the value of non-combat skills.


With locals picking up Goliaths, Escher and Van Saar, I’m hoping to get these guys on the table soon. I’ve held off on picking up a Cawdor gang as a second, mainly because I’m keen to see what the reinvisioned Delaques look like. One way or another, it’s a painting project that I can close the books on for now, and move on to the next. Huzzah for accomplishing! I also note that Taniel and Danjal are both eligible for this month’s Target…