Your planet… it looks tasty…

From the stars they came, driven by an alien hunger. Your resources, your minerals, your cheeseburgers… all will be devoured by the Planet Eaters! With the Monsterpocalypse upon us, I wanted to make an effort to get the starter box I picked up at GenCon, and its attendant blisters, painted up in time to wreak havoc on the assorted metropoli of mankind. Since I’ve a hankering for the Martian Menace, it made sense to paint up the Destroyers starter box, with Gorghadra and his gribblies.

I’m planning on basing these guys, but I’m chuffed to have finished the painting them all, hence… gallery post! Conveniently, Gorghadra also fits in with both last month -and- this month’s Targets.

My cast had a couple of bubbles, but I’m just viewing those as damage, wear and tear – travelling through deep space is not without its own perils, and I’m sure a few meteors have pinged off of Gorghadra’s carapace here and there. Alright, he’s not as pretty as Aggyface’s Gorghadra, but he’s done, and he’s mine, and he’ll wreck cities just fine 😉

Originally the red find were how I thought to mark the Elite Belchers, but I liked it so much I added it to all the Belchers, and made the red an accent on all the models. I’ll think of another Elite identifier once I get the basing done, but for now there’s the stars.

Explodohawks, Destructomites, and Crawlers. Explodohawks may be my favourite Planet Eater unit based on their name alone.

As I think about it, the fact that the giant monsters of the Planet Eaters have suitably scary names while their units have Belchers, Crawlers and these guys – the Chompers – I have to wonder just who in Earth’s defense forces is naming these things in their files. I mean, sure, Belchers belch, Chompers chomp, etc, but this is the same lack of creativity that led to the Brown Snake being named the Brown Snake. Contents as appears on label, but come on, scientists! You can do better!

Now, the convention exclusive Cthugrosh… I need to get more paint on that. The Lords of Cthul will be next up in the Destroyers release schedule, and my ranks will swell accordingly…05