Laying Foundations: Monsterpocalypse Buildings

When one thinks about Monsterpocalypse, one thinks about… MONSTERS! Giant beasties leveling cities and the valiant (foolish!) mortals who think that they can stem the tide of destruction that Gorghadra brings (*pew pew explosion unearthly roar*). But what is Batman without the Joker? What is Spider-Man without the Green Goblin? What are the monsters of Monsterpocalypse without the very buildings they feel an uncontrollable urge to lay waste to? Today we’re taking a look at the buildings of Monsterpocalypse.

Watch Aggy paints buildings! from primalpoodle on www.twitch.tvAs an added bonus (at the start of the post, nonetheless!) our pals at PrimalPoodle are streaming their painting adventures lately. Aggy tackled some of the buildings on their stream. You can be all voyeuristic and watch!

Now, for a fully-fledged game of Monsterpocalypse, each player must bring 6-12 buildings, and they can’t bring more than 4 of the same type (except the basic apartment building). There are 20 spots on the map to fill, if you have enough buildings between you and your opponent. The starter boxes give us six generic apartment buildings, but November’s releases give us some sweet additional options.

The Communications Array grants your allied models additional range on the blast attacks. RNG 6 Spitters? That’s okay with me. Well, as long as they’re on my side.

The Industrial Complex grants your allied models additional speed. SPD 8 Strike fighters? You just know G.U.A.R.D. players are going to bring these. Mind you, I can make use of SPD 5 Meat slaves…

The Corporate Headquarters is right in line with the Shadow Sun Syndicate’s interests, spreading intel (removing Cloak from enemy models) and brokering deals to impact the ebb and flow of Power between you and your foe.

The Downtown Highrise is chock full of people… tasty, tasty people that can provide vital nutrients to a hungry beastie… and apparently has a great security system, helping adjacent units deliver the pew pew.

The Skyscraper represents the architectural pinnacle of mankind’s achievements, reaching for the heavens… and reducing the cost of your units by 1.

The Power Plant, in comparison, is a virtual powder keg. Yes, it can help repair damage to constructs like Defender X… yes,it generates extra Power dice… but it also destroys any adjacent units when it blows. Let your opponent secure it, and then open fire from a distance…

These beautiful hunks of resin are available now. Expand your gameplan beyond just which monsters and units you plan to field. By being selective with your building choices you can totally change the direction of the game. Lay the foundations for your victory at your FLGS or via your preferred online retailer.